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Friday, December 6, 2013

Rabble.ca - the online home for Canada's idiots and mentally ill

The deranged neo-Marxist website rabble.ca, which was founded by the perennially aggrieved activist Judy Rebick, is a constant source of amusement thanks to the unending supply of idiocy it produces.

Its writers and those of its readers who take it seriously appear to comprised of morons and the mentally ill.

Today they have an article which is bizarre even by rabble.ca standards.

It was spurred by a Globe and Mail column by Margaret Wente in which she wrote:
Prostitution is the most exploitative, degrading work on Earth. Despite those stories about high-class call girls, its practitioners are overwhelmingly the most wretched girls and women in society. 
Objecting to Wente's "dehumanizing" language of prostitutes, the rabble author, Joyce Arthur, has constructed a helpful "Sex Work Style Guide for Media" in which she delineates "problematic" and "acceptable" terms to describe people involved in the sale of sex for money.

It seems like a comedic parody of political correctness gone amok, but she is deadly serious.

An example is that objectionable term "pimp." Evidently that term is offensive to those people who exploit and groom, and sometimes beat and coerce women into prostitution, and take a large share of their earnings. The acceptable term for someone who does that is "ally," "colleague," or "third party."

But wait - I've written "prostitution" which itself is not acceptable! I should have written "sex work." Apparently that applies to sex slaves too. Rats! I've gotten it wrong again! In the world of rabble.ca, there are no sex slaves. They're "survival sex workers." And sex trafficking victims are just "migrant workers" - you know, just like the ones Cesar Chavez helped to mobilize. No? Well maybe not like those.

The fact that there are people in the world imbecilic enough to produce the sort of tripe that routinely appears at rabble.ca is no surprise. But it should be worrisome that there are a number of prominent Canadian politicians who whore themselves on that online rag to curry favor with its demented readership.

Damn! I did it again! I wrote "whore" when I should have written "escort."  But then, I suppose "politician", particularly of that type, is kind of a catch-all.

The Rabble guide to acceptable language for sex work


The Hammer said...

This article looks as though it could have been written by an organized crime boss.

I wonder if Liz May likes being associated with a publication that down plays sex slavery and human trafficking.

Shirley said...

OMG-I'm infuriated! Is this BROAD for real? A woman who is held against her will can only be deemed a sex slave (we're not insulting her, we're giving a label to a horrendous crime), but she is in fact someone who is/has been trafficked. There's no pretty frilly way to put it. A pimp, is a PIMP! He's someone who lives off the avails of the sex trade. Boyfriend? Way to minimize the criminality of it! I've heard them called security guards and body guards too, but they're still pieces of shite to me. Migrant worker...give me a break! Yes you're right about one thing lots of women who come here for work end up being trafficked, and end up working as sex slaves because they are being FORCED to do what they do, not because they want to.

It won't matter if you legalize it. It will just drive the organized crime indoors, and any hope of rescue for an underage kid goes right out the door. What you think the tricks and johns want the older girls? No maam. They like the ones between 13-17 years of age (17 is concidered old by these perverts). Want to know something else the prostitutes don't tell you? That 30% of the johns are pedophiles looking for kids. Do you know WHY they won't tell you that, because these dicks are their bread and butter. Yeah, so you also want me to have respect for prostitutes who will do our daddies, uncles, brothers, boyfriends and husbands? You want me to pretty up my language to reduce stigma against pimps, prostitutes? *shakes head*

I'm sure the left will eventually change the law that forces people to use the words we're asked to use, but you can't change the thoughts inside our heads or the emotions associated with those thoughts.

It looks to me like the liberals are deliberately driving organized crime indoors (like they do with everything else) so the public doesn't have to be disturbed by it. Why don't you ask the police how often date rape drugs are used in Toronto. The media is reporting a drop in rape cases involving children. I say that's BS! Pedophiles just have better access to the date rape drug ketomine. It's everywhere thanks to the TPS who does very little to remove it from our streets (hmmmm....I wonder why?).

Do I want prostitutes to get hurt? No I don't. I want them off the streets. There's no reason to be involved in this line of work anymore. Way back when; there were no social programs and no shelters, it made sense. But not now.

Shirley said...

RCMP task force was formed today to deal with human traffiicking. Thank God!

Richard K said...

Or in rabbleSpeak: "Oppressive agents of the Imperialist, colonialist state task force was formed today to oppress survival sex workers and their Third-party ally colleagues"