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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

An unelected Liberal narcissist calls Ontario's Privacy Watchdog an "unelected narcissist"

Warren Kinsella, the Liberal strategist whose contributions to Rocco Rossi's mayoral campaign in Toronto helped the candidate's polling sink like a rock tied to a piece of lead, has weighed in again on Ontario's Gas Plant scandal.

Due to overtly political manipulation by the Liberals headed by former Premier Dalton McGuinty, and in meetings in which current Premier Wynne took part, Ontarians were effectively robbed of over half a billion dollars in tax funds.

Now the Ontario Liberals have been lying and trying to cover their tracks.

Ontario's Information and Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian has been exposing the lies and attempts by Kathleen Wynne's government to hide the evidence of how and why a vast sum of taxpayer money was squandered by the Liberals.

In reply, Liberal "spin doctor" Warren Kinsella has written a column in today's Toronto Sun accusing Cavoukian of being an "unelected narcissist" who rushed out information and suggesting her motivation was a "preoccupation with the media."

Kinsella's political "wisdom" might be best left to being expressed in his crappy punk music.

I worked in the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner a number of years ago while Ann Cavoukian was Deputy Commissioner. She impressed me as a very reasonable, intelligent person, and if she was a narcissist, she did a fantastic job of disguising it.

It is the obligation of the Information and Privacy Commissioner to see that the government complies with laws compelling it to make certain information available to the public. These laws were flouted by the Ontario Liberals for their own selfish aims.

It is Ontario's Liberal government and their shills who are far more preoccupied with the media than anyone at the Information and Privacy Commissioner's Office. It's a pity that government's only preoccupation with the truth is in finding ways of concealing it.

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