Thursday, April 17, 2014

GenuineWitty gets results - TDSB cancels school protest with violent anarchists after exposure on blog

"Last Friday this site broke the story of how pupils at Toronto’s Student School planned to join a group of anarchists at their annual protest against Barrick Gold’s AGM. Led by American professional protester Sakura Saunders, the anti-Barrick protests are perfect example of how Toronto’s union affiliated activist community has evolved into a distasteful self-parody.
Many readers were alarmed to hear that a school in the Toronto District School Board had approved their students to engage in illegal activities (side-by-side with a convicted and imprisoned ringleader of the violence during the 2010 G20). That said, people who have been following the antics of the TDSB weren’t really surprised at all- our city’s school system has become highly politicised..."

More at GenuineWitty

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Olivia Chow appeals to her natural constituency - the obsessive moron vote

The campaign ad produce by Olivia Chow's team features a weird, obsessive woman who claims to have not received a return call from Toronto mayor Rob Ford after phoning him 20 times.

The woman in Chow's ad adds that she has Rob Ford on speed dial.


Because she has has to wait for public transit.

I hope she has the number of a good psychiatrist on speed dial too.

Olivia Chow's laughable, pathetic campaign still hasn't been able to come up with a single credible reason to vote for her.

Chow's entire effort is devoted to running down Ford, who has accomplished more in one term as Mayor, like eliminating the Vehicle Registration Tax and privatizing half the city's garbage pick-up, than Olivia Chow has in her more than 20 useless years as a politician sucking off the public teat.

25 Kids That Gave Absolutely Brilliant Answers On Their Tests

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Mark Steyn: The slow death of free speech

...If free speech is only for polite persons of mild temperament within government-policed parameters, it isn’t free at all. So screw that.
But I don’t really think that many people these days are genuinely interested in ‘striking the balance’; they’ve drawn the line and they’re increasingly unashamed about which side of it they stand. What all the above stories have in common, whether nominally about Israel, gay marriage, climate change, Islam, or even freedom of the press, is that one side has cheerfully swapped that apocryphal Voltaire quote about disagreeing with what you say but defending to the death your right to say it for the pithier Ring Lardner line: ‘“Shut up,” he explained.’
A generation ago, progressive opinion at least felt obliged to pay lip service to the Voltaire shtick. These days, nobody’s asking you to defend yourself to the death: a mildly supportive retweet would do. But even that’s further than most of those in the academy, the arts, the media are prepared to go. As Erin Ching, a student at 60-grand-a-year Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, put it in her college newspaper the other day: ‘What really bothered me is the whole idea that at a liberal arts college we need to be hearing a diversity of opinion.’ Yeah, who needs that? There speaks the voice of a generation: celebrate diversity by enforcing conformity...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

United Church of Canada's Moderator kisses the ass of Cuba's dictatorship

The Moderator of the United Church of Canada went on a tropical vacation to the utopian island of Cuba.

If you think utopian is a sarcastic description of the nation ruled by a ruthless communist dictatorship, it is and it isn't. While in popular understanding, 'utopia' is thought of as the ideal society, the actual Utopia conceived by Thomas More is a repressive, draconian land obsessed with order and punishment. The context of that latter, accurate meaning very much describes Castro-governed Cuba.

On his blog, UCC Moderator Gary Paterson shared some thoughts about the two-week trip he and his partner Tim Stevenson embarked upon in Cuba.

Among Paterson's notes were:

  • We visited the Cuban government’s Office of Religious Affairs for a two-hour discussion about the relationship between church and state. Many years ago, the government abandoned its determination that Cuba officially be an atheist country; it now considers religion as one of the many various sectors of civic society, and regularly consults with churches, including some of our partners – the Cuban Council of Churches, the ecumenical seminary in Matanzas, the Martin Luther King Centre. Frankly, I had a sense that the churches have more possibilities for significant conversation with government than does our denomination back home.
In bemoaning the Cuban government's seemingly greater interest than that of Canada's in Moderator Paterson's opinions, he has ignored a rather significant element. Cuba is a communist dictatorship and will try to get endorsements of various self-serving bodies willing to cooperate with it. But Canada's government is a democratic one and derives its legitimacy from free elections. So unlike for Cuba's strongmen,  the desires of an irrelevant denomination, comprised mainly of radical geriatrics with an average age 68 and climbing, isn't something the Canadian government needs to indulge in order to validate itself.

More disquieting is the apparent identification that Paterson makes with Cuba's government against those that would seek to undermine the dictatorship's rule when he continues with:

  • On the other hand, the government is challenged to balance its commitment to freedom of belief with the reality that some new evangelical/Pentecostal churches are receiving most of their funding from within the United States, and are working strongly against the values of the revolution. What to do?
So the Cuban government has a "commitment to freedom of belief"???

Perhaps Moderator Paterson might like to share that with Cubans that were executed or are still rotting in jails for expressing ideas that conflicted with the Castro brothers.

The United Church of Canada truly is a bizarre institution. It sees itself as a vehicle for a particular brand of what it deems "social justice."  But that brand often manifests as opposition to western democracies and sympathy for brutal, ant-democratic dictatorships. That recently played out in the UCC's embrace of the anti-Israel so called Kairos Document. The document itself is anti-Semitic and sides with Palestinian ambitions which have played out as both undemocratic and antithetical to Christianity in the region, while demonizing liberal, democratic, pro-Christian Israel.

The United Church of Canada's membership has been in drastic decline since the 1960's. Its radical positions and aging demographics have condemned it to a slow death. Seeing the twisted values coming out of the United Church now, it may be fair to say that end cannot come soon enough.

h/t Eddard Stark

Today in stupid from the most incompetent provincial government in Ontario's history

Wynne’s transit plan is gibberish

Doesn’t Ontario’s Liberal government even remember its own press releases anymore?

In 2008, under then premier Dalton McGuinty, the Liberals unveiled a $50-billion, 25-year “Big Move” public transit plan (2008 to 2033) for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).

On Monday, Premier Kathleen Wynne promised $29 billion over 10 years (2014 to 2024), with $15 billion going to transit in the GTHA and $14 billion for transit and transportation infrastructure around the province.

So $15 billion of this $29-billion announcement is simply a rehash of the $50-billion commitment the Liberals made six years ago. Except it makes no financial sense.

From the moment she became premier, Wynne said she would need to raise new taxes (“revenue tools”) to meet the province’s $2-billion-a-year new money commitment to pay for the Big Move.
To get it, two Wynne advisory bodies recommended everything from hiking gas taxes to the HST...

TORONTO - Ontario’s top bureaucrat says he would have been “appalled” had he known of a serious intent to bring in an unauthorized person to wipe government hard drives.

Secretary of Cabinet Peter Wallace told a government committee probing the gas plant scandal Tuesday that he did not take seriously a remark from David Livingston, former chief of staff to ex-premier Dalton McGuinty, that he planned to bring in an outsider to delete computer records.


TORONTO - Premier Kathleen Wynne’s brother-in-law has been appointed “interim” CEO of eHealth, the Toronto Sun has learned.

David Rounthwaite, brother of Wynne’s wife, Jane, was appointed to the $210,000-a-year job effective March 7.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

London hair salon targeted by North Korean agents over Kim Jong-un ad poster

BRITISH police said they had intervened after North Korean embassy officials reportedly told a London hairdresser to take down a discount haircuts advert featuring leader Kim Jong-un.
Mo Nabbach told the London Evening Standard newspaper that two officials from the Stalinist state’s mission took pictures of the M&M Hair Academy in Ealing, west London.
They then ordered him to remove the “disrespectful” poster, he said. The poster featured a large picture of Kim’s distinctive short-back-and-sides hairdo with the slogan: read: “Bad hair day? 15 per cent off all gent cuts through the month of April.” “I told them this is England and not North Korea and told them to get their lawyers,” the newspaper quoted Mr Nabbach as saying.
“The two guys were wearing suits and they were very serious. It was very threatening.”

25 years later, new revelations on Prince Charles' cowardly refusal to support Salman Rushdie against Iran's death fatwa

Prince Charles refused to support Sir Salman Rushdie during his fatwa over The Satanic Verses because he thought the book was offensive to Muslims.

In an article for Vanity Fair magazine, Martin Amis claimed that the Prince's views caused a row at a dinner party after Rushdie was issued with the death sentence by Islamic clerics in 1989.

However, as the Vanity Fair article notes, there were a number of authors who had the courage and conviction to stand by Rushdie in opposition to censorship and the intimidation of death threats:
Stephen King went so far as to intervene on Rushdie’s behalf when a number of bookstores in the U.S. announced plans not to sell the book or to remove it from their shelves. At the behest of two Viking editors, King called the chief of bookstore chain B. Dalton and gave him an ultimatum: “You don’t sell The Satanic Verses, you don’t sell Stephen King.” The store reversed course. “You can’t let intimidation stop books,” King now says, recalling the episode. “It’s as basic as that. Books are life itself.”

Monday, April 14, 2014

Gender Studies theorists go mental because Kristen Dunst dares to think independently

If you ever meet someone whose academic area of specialty is "Gender Theory" you are most likely dealing with an individual who is mentally ill, a moron, or a combination of the two.

It is an area of grievance study which intentionally disregards any actual science that refutes its attempts to propel society in a bizarre direction of social engineering. Gender Studies proponents are generally completely ignorant of biological and psychiatric science, and yet intrude on those areas with their own speculative theories which have no basis in fact.

So naturally the imbeciles in the world of Gender Theory get upset when anyone in the public eye says something that undermines their idiocy. Even when that person is only expressing an opinion.

h/t Blazing Cat Fur

The world's shame and cowardice in denying the Kurds a homeland

The horrendous civil war in Syria being fought out between the forces of Baathist dictator Bashar al-Assad, monstrous jihadists trying to replace him with even worse Islamist oppression, and Syrians who want to free themselves from both of those types of tyrannies has yet another component.

Eastern Syria is home to a large Kurdish population and they have carved out a relatively stable area amid all the chaos. But they are at war with Islamists who are threatened by the Kurds' pro-western values and their culture which places an important role on women's rights and equality.

In the aftermath of the wars in Iraq, there is a semi-autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan which is an oasis of security and prosperity in that violent, fractious country.

The Kurds are the largest group of stateless people in the world, numbering about 30 million. Their traditional homeland covers territory in Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey. The Kurds' cultural practices and values are far more liberal and western than their Arab neighbors. But the Kurds have been prevented from carving out an independent state for themselves largely because of pressure from Turkey.

The Turkish government is fearful that an independent Kurdistan in Iraq and Syria would inspire Kurdish separatists in Turkey, where they are already outlawed. Turkey, which lacks the democratic practices and institutions to gain membership in the European  Union, and which continues to deny the genocide of Armenians it carried out a century ago is a lynchpin in the region for the NATO alliance.

Concerned about offending a fellow NATO member, western governments have capitulated to Turkish pressure and betrayed Kurdish national aspirations by confining them to the autonomous region in Iraq.

But with the war in Syria raging and the need for a bulwark against the growing al Qaida-influenced Islamists in the region, rethinking the idea of a Kurdish homeland is not only now a moral imperative for the west,  but a strategic one.

Jimmy Kimmel visits Ford Nation

Kimmel:  I'm saying I was so drunk, I don't know what happened"

Rob Ford: "I used that excuse one too many times myself"

Great Stuff!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

J Street Student Leaders Want to Repair Brandeis Relationship with Nazi-rallying al Quds University

...Brandeis was forced to sever its long-term partnership with Al Quds after it hosted a military rally last year that featured masked men performing the traditional Nazi salute. A second Hamas rally was held in late March.
Two leaders of J Street’s campus group, J Street U, were recently given an independent grant to travel to Al Quds and spearhead a “student dialogue initiative” aimed at repairing relations between the two universities.
The students—Eli Philip and Catriona Stewart—serve as the copresidents of Brandeis’s J Street U group. They most recently drew headlines for heckling a former IDF soldier who was speaking on campus.
The Al Quds dialogue initiative comes at a critical time for Brandeis, which is facing a fierce backlash for rescinding an honorary degree from the Islamic human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali....