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Ezra Levant & Jason Kenney on Canadians assaulted by Palestinian supporters in Calgary

More terrorist missiles found in UN school in Gaza

For the second time in less than a week, rockets have been found in a school in Gaza operated by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, the body said

My day yesterday: Sammy Hagar, buxom bisexuals, Skippy Stalin and Adolf Hitler

The bright sunshine of a hot, cloudless afternoon seemed like the right conditions to go check out Sammy Hagar's launch of his Beach Bar Rum at the Summerhill liquor store yesterday. I'd been in that store a week earlier and noticed the poster up for Hagar's visit. There isn't a single Sammy Hagar song I could name if you held a gun to my head, but I had some vague recollection of his being with Van Halen for a while, so I snapped a photo of the poster and sent it off to my blogger buddies Skippy Stalin and Blazing Cat Fur, thinking they might appreciate the humor of it.

BCF couldn't make it, but Skippy was keen on the irony of seeing Sammy sell rum in person and wanted to check it out, so that's where we were at 1:30 on Tuesday. There was a pretty long line up of Hagar fans waiting more than an hour in advance for a chance to get a photo with the aging Heavy Metallurgist and in traditional rock star fashion, he showed up late. Making it worse was that before Hagar was allowed to speak to the crowd, we had to endure a series of incredibly boring speeches by PR flacks and LCBO executives droning on about how wonderful their organizations are. One of the LCBO bosses boasted how wonderful Ontario's liquor monopoly is for being the only place in Canada you can find a bottle of Sammy Hagar's Beach Bar Rum. I guess that means it's as hard to buy a bottle of Hagar's rum in Alberta as it is to buy a bottle of French wine in your local convenience store in Ontario, differentiating us from every other jurisdiction in the civilized world.

When he finally took the microphone, Hagar spoke for all of about two minutes, saying something to the effect of "God bless purveyors of alcohol," and made a hasty exit from the store, without signing autographs or posing for pictures with his fans.

Nonetheless, Skippy and I each bought bottles of Hagar's overpriced rum out of sheer curiosity, and then adjourned to a bar a bit south on Yonge Street because Skippy had been in there earlier and developed a fondness for a waitress he described as "having a porn star's face." Having worked in Los Angeles for some time, I had a general idea of what he meant, but I still thought that an unusual expression since the face is not usually the first descriptor of a porn star.

The waitress was indeed a comely bar wench and all was proceeding normally, with Skippy and I drinking at the bar, until I spied the back of a young woman sitting on the outdoor patio, on which in very large letters, she had a tattoo of a Latin phrase.

My Latin isn't what it should be, but I did recognize the Latin for "never," and wondered what the rest of it said. I entered the phrase into Google translate, but it didn't produce a coherent result, so I stepped out to the patio to ask the woman the meaning of her tattoo. In my experience, people who go to the trouble of having things permanently inscribed on their bodies after multiple punctures over the course of hours are usually quite happy to discuss them. The woman with the tattoo turned out to be very appealing-looking, buxom, and pleasant, and was no exception to the rule. She informed me her tattoo meant "never grow old, never give in." I suspect she had the Latin wrong, but in any case she was pretty and was accompanied at the table by an attractive brunette whose acquaintance she had only just made half an hour earlier and like her companion, was pleasingly busty and wearing a low-cut top.

Buying us all a round of tequila struck me as being the appropriate thing to do in the circumstances, so I retrieved Skippy from inside the bar, and a round of tequila was enjoyed by the four of us. That was followed by another round of tequila, and then another.  And then I lost count.

After a while, we all adjourned inside the pub to sit at a booth with the two women beside each other, me sitting next to the one with the tattoo, and Skippy, along with the brunette's business partner, who had just arrived at the bar sitting opposite.

In a very sudden development, the two women beside me, who had only just met, decided there and then to experiment with bisexuality. They started making out, passionately kissing and sloppily sliding their tongues in each other's mouths. Then my tattooed friend suggested that the brunette and she should go back to the former's home. The brunette seemed intrigued by the offer, but her business partner was understandably concerned that she was drunk and making a decision she might regret when sober. I made sure the business partner left with the women, who proceeded down Yonge Street with the tattooed woman's arm around the waist of the brunette.

The moral of that story, I suppose, is that just a few drinks with me can turn a heterosexual woman into a lesbian. So if there are any women who want to experiment in that area, just email me through the contact info on my blog, bring along your prospective partner in bi-curiosity, take us out for drinks and see what happens. I love bringing people together.

However, I had other things on my mind at the bar as the two women were exiting it. I'd just received a call from Blazing Cat Fur asking me to contact the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center, an organization for which I used to do consulting work, to inform them of a rather serious, and very funny mistake they had made.

As a parody, Blazing Cat Fur had superimposed the image of Adolf Hitler over the poster promoting an "al Quds Day" rally, the annual hate-fest for psychotic local Islamists who want to destroy Israel. Thinking the parody was the genuine Toronto al Quds Day rally poster, FSWC had sent out an email blast condemning the al Quds rally's links to Hitler and genocidal Nazi ideology. While the al Quds Day rallies are regularly punctuated with calls for the murder of Jews, racist invective like organizer Zafar Bangash calling US President Barack Obama, "that black man in the White House," and a general environment of vileness and evil of which Hitler would have undoubtedly approved, the people behind it are not quite so stupid as to put his likeness on the poster. So while Der Fuhrer will most certainly be hovering over al Quds Day rallies in spirit, it probably would not behoove FSWC to decry a parody poster as the real thing and make a fuss over it. Although in fairness to FSWC, the invective from our local Islamists against Israel is so hateful and vicious that it doesn't need a huge leap of imagination to think admiration of Hitler by them could make its way out in to the open. These Islamists are, after all, the same people who approvingly posted anti-Israel YouTube tirades by neo-Nazi leader David Duke on their website.

So I called and emailed my old contacts at FSWC and set them straight, and Skippy and I proceeded down Yonge Street to Cumberland Street and a bar called The Pilot.

On the way down Yonge, just north of Davenport Road, I was accosted by a woman who noticed me carrying my rollerblades and she started hectoring me about not having a helmet. The woman appeared to be somewhere between her late 40's and early 60's (I'm terrible at estimating people's ages) and was nice enough, so I invited her along to have a tequila with Skippy and me. That evoked a mild protest that this woman, whose name I've completely forgotten so I'll call her Midge for convenience, couldn't drink tequila, only beer. I told Midge I was only going to buy tequila, not beer and it was her choice whether she wanted to come with us or not. She did.

So Skippy, Midge and I wound up on The Pilot's rooftop patio, and Midge told us about how not wearing a bicycle helmet led to her getting brain damage in an accident. So I bought her another tequila to make her feel better.

Sitting next to Midge with my back to the rooftop fence, I could not help but notice two very lovely, shapely women, a blond and a dark haired beauty sitting at the table opposite me. Sending a couple of shots of tequila over to them struck me as the appropriate thing to do, and then the sexy dark haired woman called me over.

"You don't remember me, do you?" she said, making a correct inference from my blank, goofy look. Whenever someone says that to me it could lead next to something very good or very bad. My immediate instinct when challenged like that, particularly by an attractive woman, is to... well, not lie exactly, but sputter out something like "how could I possibly forget someone as beautiful as you?" and hope that the memory of whom I speaking with comes back before I get caught out.

In this case, the woman was someone I'd spoken to quite often and quite recently. She is an employee of Moses Znaimer for his Zoomer Media. Znaimer, a septuagenarian, has the wisdom and good sense, plus the money to be able to keep himself surrounded by extremely pretty women at all times. This particular woman I first met at a taping of Conrad Black's show and again spent lots of time speaking with her at Znaimer's 3-day long IdeaCity conference last month. As it was, she didn't appear too offended at my absent-mindedness, and really, how mad can you get at someone who arbitrarily decides to buy you a shot of tequila in a bar? Actually, I take that back. The last time I was out with Skippy, I managed to make a woman I bought a tequila shot at a bar quite angry, and only for innocently discussing the behavior patterns of female lions. I guess i have a talent for that sort of thing.

But in this case, everything was fine and we were happy to get reacquainted. However, the beauties at the adjacent table weren't the only ones drinking and I had downed more shots than I could recall. It was time for me to go. Midge was either in the bathroom, or had wandered off, but it was definitely time for me to get going, so with Skippy, wandered into only one more pub on Prince Arthur Avenue for a final drink, and then we parted ways and I skated off into the night to seek out my comfortable bed at home.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Canadian Candidate Drops Out After Masturbation Video Surfaces

Trish Kelly was running to be a member of the Vancouver Parks Board, but resigned from the race after it emerged she had made a video in which she discusses her masturbation habits.

Who cares who's on the Vancouver Parks Board and if it's a young women who obsessively masturbates? If anything, that would probably help get her votes.

I thought being a jerk-off was a prerequisite for being a politician. 

However, Kelly stated: “Unfortunately, my work in theatre and as a sex-positive activist is being sensationalized — and will clearly continue to be — distracting from my efforts in the community and in the election campaign.”

Trish Kelly by Raymond_Tomlin

h/t Kathy S

A CULT OF RANCOR: The followers of Noam Chomsky

When I recently caught up on my pile of unread copies of the Times Literary Supplement,  I came across a piece of ill-natured polemic in the ostensibly technical field of linguistics.  Professor Kenneth Wexler of MIT, writing in the Letters columns of TLS (10/19/2012),  opined that a distinguished scholar with whom he disagrees  “lives in an alternative universe to the truth.”  The truth, according to Wexler, is the one established by Noam Chomsky, viz. that there is a Universal Grammar underlying all human language.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Germany revives the alliance between Hitlerism and Islam

BERLIN — An angry mob gathered on Berlin’s famed Kurfürstendamm avenue Thursday. Draped in Palestinian flags and shaking their fists in rage, they chanted in German, “Jude, Jude feiges Schwein! Komm heraus und kämpf allein!” (“Jew, Jew, cowardly swine, come out and fight on your own!”)

Earlier last week in Dortmund and Frankfurt anti-Israel protester chanted, “Hamas Hamas Juden ins gas!” (“Hamas Hamas Jews to the gas!”).

In Deutschland, everything old is new again

Castro lackey has a shit-fit after Cuban human rights abuses highlighted at UN Watch event

Cuba and Venezuela Lash Out

After the panelists gave their testimony, representatives from the Cuban and Venezuelan government responded by screaming wild accusations of corruption at them and UN Watch.
The Venezuelan delegate said, "We have the greatest amount of oil; you [the United States] have the greatest empire and you are trying to take our resources.” In response to Ms. Lopez’s condemnation of the inhumane treatment of her jailed nephew, the Venezuelan insisted that he was "protected by all constitutional and legal rights.” VIDEO
The Cuban representative screamed accusations at the panelists and UN Watch: “This is clearly a program of the United States to undermine Cuba, and they have given these speakers money to participate,” said the furious representative, who ended his speech by loudly leading a walk-out of the North Korean, Syrian and other allied delegates who showed up at the UN Watch event. VIDEO
Subsequently, the Cuban delegation complained to the Human Rights Council that UN Watch was out of order for hosting the dissidents.

San Diego strippers sue city, cops; say club inspection turned into photo peep show

Strippers in Southern California are suing the city after they said a squad of vice cops went over the line during an inspection of their club, corralling them in a locker room for hours and snapping "nearly nude" pics of them.
Dancers at the Cheetahs Gentlemen's Club in San Diego said local police crossed the line when around a dozen body-armor clad officers stormed their club in March for an unannounced inspection, according to reports
Strippers in San Diego must carry city-issued licenses.
Cops have the authority to check those licenses at any time and don't have to let the club know beforehand, authorities said.

Iraq Christians get Islamic State's warning they face death if they do not embrace Islam or pay special tax

The Islamic State group has threatened Christians in the Iraqi city of Mosul with death if they do not convert to Islam or pay a tax, Al Jazeera has learned.

The Sunni rebel group issued the orders in a letter after Friday prayers. The document, obtained by Al Jazeera, states that the order was issued after Christian leaders failed to attend a meeting called by the group.

Ontario Teachers Unions to attend conference to learn tricks from violent communists and Jew-haters

All three of Ontario's teachers unions will be attending the Peoples' Social Forum.  Participating organizations include violent communist and anarchist organizations including No One Is Illegal and the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty.

Other groups include the Young Communist League of Canada, Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid, and pretty much any other radical organization you can think of.

John Kerry's "hot mic" moment betrays his anti-Israel bias

Yesterday John Kerry's Undersecretary of State Rick Stengle tweeted out the #UnitedforGaza hashtag, and only when challenged on it claimed it was a mistake.

At the same time, Kerry was caught on a 'hot mic' sarcastically berating Israel for 'pinpoint operations' which Kerry obviously thinks are inflicting too much collateral damage. Perhaps Kerry might want to compare Israel's Gaza operation with the collateral damage inflicted by the US in Iraq, Afghanistan and even in Pakistan, which is supposedly a US ally, and see how that works out for him.

When Kerry was running against George Bush in 2004, my liberal friends from California was convinced they were going to see the Republican ejected from the White House. I told them not to bet on it. With Kerry, the Democrats managed to pick a patrician buffoon who was possibly the only person in America who could make W., a multimillionaire son of a former president, look like a regular guy.

Rex Murphy: The ‘media war’ is finally tilting to Israel’s side

...How strange that the “media war” that always accompanies the actual war is tilting — for once — to Israel’s side.

And it’s no surprise. The usual crew of protestors who routinely take to shouting in the streets about Israel’s war crimes, their “Nazi” tactics and the “imperialist aims of  the ‘Zionist entity’” have helped. The obsessives of Israel Apartheid Week have helped too. The antics of the activists have greatly marred their limited appeal...

...People are seeing there is in Israel’s actions a very real lesson for the West. Israel is hardy and steadfast in standing up against terror, of embodying democracy even under fire, of attempting to observe some scruple as missiles fly. It stands for values and virtues that we in the West have become too cavalier about.

In the words of British commentator Douglas Murray, “It is Israel which takes Western values seriously and fights for the survival of those values, rather than sitting back and assuming they are simply part of some birthright...”

How liberalism became an intolerant dogma

...liberalism's leading theoreticians (Locke, Montesquieu, Jefferson, Madison, Tocqueville, Mill) never intended it to serve as a comprehensive view of reality and the human good. On the contrary, liberalism was supposed to act as a narrowly political strategy for living peacefully in a world of inexorably clashing comprehensive views of reality and the human good.
The key to the strategy was the promulgation of the pluralistic principle of toleration.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Israel's Netanyahu finally calls out Islamist Turkish PM Erdogan for his "despicable, vile and irresponsible" anti-Semitism

After years of publicly restraining himself regarding Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told US Secretary of State John Kerry that the words of the leader of Washington’s close NATO ally were anti-Semitic.

According to diplomatic officials, Netanyahu spoke to Kerry overnight on Sunday about the Gaza operation, and said that Erdogan's anti-Semitic comments profaned the memory of the Holocaust.

Erdogan, in the midst of a presidential campaign, said on Saturday that “Those who condemn Hitler day and night have surpassed Hitler in barbarism.”

Charles Krauthammer: The Truth about Gaza

Israel accepts an Egyptian-proposed Gaza ceasefire; Hamas keeps firing. Hamas deliberately aims rockets at civilians; Israel painstakingly tries to avoid them, actually telephoning civilians in the area and dropping warning charges, so-called roof knocking.
“Here’s the difference between us,” explains the Israeli prime minister. “We’re using missile defense to protect our civilians and they’re using their civilians to protect their missiles.”

Rarely does international politics present a moment of such moral clarity. Yet we routinely hear this Israel–Gaza fighting described as a morally equivalent “cycle of violence.” This is absurd. What possible interest can Israel have in cross-border fighting? Everyone knows Hamas set off this mini-war. And everyone knows Hamas’s proudly self-declared raison d’être: the eradication of Israel and its Jews.

Time to quit the UN: United Nations agency hands rockets back to Hamas terrorists

A United Nations agency that last week found rockets in a Gaza school operating under its auspices has handed that weaponry over to Hamas, Israeli officials said Sunday, accusing the organization of actively helping the terrorist organization potentially attack Israeli civilians.
“The rockets were passed on to the government authorities in Gaza, which is Hamas. In other words, UNRWA handed to Hamas rockets that could well be shot at Israel,” a senior Israeli official told The Times of Israel.
A different senior official said UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, charged with overseeing humanitarian efforts in Gaza, has been suffering from “battered-wife syndrome” for years and currently “attempts to ingratiate itself with Hamas.” 

and Here

The great James Garner is gone

One of my favorite people is no longer with us.

Hey Kids! You can have Frankenberry stool plus learn how to use pickled beets to trick your mom into thinking you've got internal bleeding!

An unusual craving got me thinking about the fun, delicious cereals I used to love when I was a little kid.

This was back in the days before the rise of stupid, anal health Nazis of the sort that managed to get soda pop machines banned from schools.

And speaking of anal health, I recently found out a strange fact about one of my favorite cereals, which I haven't seen in ages, Frankenberry.

Frankenberry was one of the "monster cereals" that General Mills developed in the early 1970's, the first of which, along with Frankenberry, was Count Chocula. These cereals consisted of sweet crunchy bits along with super-sugary, dried, flavored marshmallows that got all nice and soft and squishy once they absorbed the milk you'd add to the bowl. In the original commercials, both Count Chocula and Frankenberry argued about which was the "super sweet cereal" - you don't see that anymore! That was back in the days when the only criteria for kids' cereal was that it had to taste good, be loaded with sugar, and have a sense of fun to it, with an entertaining mascot, like Fruit Loops' Toucan Sam, or Cap'n Crunch, the eponymous symbol of the greatest of the seafaring cereals. It had some nutritional content too, but that was more of an afterthought.

Of course, many of today's ditzy, conditioned parents would have a conniption fit at the thought of the monster cereals. These are the same type of parents let their kids sit in front of a computer all day, and have to pre-arrange "play dates" for them with the diligence that the secretary to the CEO of a bank organizes board meetings, all while complaining about the "epidemic of childhood obesity." But back in the good old days when parents kicked their kids outside to play with whatever other random kids they may run into on the street (something that would get a parent arrested today), we managed to not be obese by being made to get off our asses and parents understood that kids burned up carbohydrates like little coal-fired gas plants going through fuel.

Following the release of the initial two monster cereals, General Mills added a third to the roster, Booberry, which was purple, super sweet, and artificial blueberry-flavored. While the other cereals left the milk with a slight tinge of color from the food dye, once you ate the Booberry from your bowl, you were left with a sugary, very purple milky beverage. It was fantastic.

I haven't noticed Booberry, or any of the monster cereals in my local supermarket for years, and thought I'd look them up to see if they were still around at all. It turns out they now are only released for a short time every Halloween, but in my reading, I learned something about Frankenberry that I never knew.

The first batches of Frankenberry led to something known medically as "Frankenberry stool,"  which was red/pinkish poo resulting from the food dye not breaking down in the digestive tract. Once General Mills learned of the condition, they changed the formula, but those very first batches led to parents thinking that their kids had internal bleeding.

And since it's Sunday, that reminded me of a good Monday morning trick for the school year.

Once, when I was a kid, I ate a whole jar of pickled beets. They are a deep red, and quite sweet tasting. But the next morning, after my morning "movement," I was shocked to see the toilet bowl looked like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I was even peeing redder than the Nile during the first curse of the Egyptians. Naturally, everything was fine and it was just the food coloring from the beets, but I had forgotten about the eating them the night before and it took me a couple of minutes to recall and make the association between the them and the red excrement. Then it occurred to me that in the event of an emergency when I wanted to avoid school, all I needed to do was eat a jar of pickled beets the night before and I'd probably be able to panic my mom into keeping me home the next day.

I never ended up using that particular trick, but it was nice to know it was there if needed.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Palestine House official says they would have committed a mass murder of Jews in Mississauga if not for police presence

From Alternative Angles:
Dr. Nazih Khatatba, editor of the Toronto-based Meshwar newspaper and a member of the Palestine House in Mississauga argued that situation was on verge of “massacre” had the Police not intervened in time with large forces.

Supporters of the Palestine House using wooden sticks attacked the Jewish and non Jewish protesters, injuring few, including one who was taken to hospital. Following Police investigation charges were laid against two of the pro Palestinian attackers...

...“The members of this group brag that they are behind the [decision] of the Conservative government to defund the educational programs, which were held at the head office, because it [the Palestine House] carries out anti Israeli activities. 

“Had the Police not intervened with very large forces, a massacre [مذبحة] would have occurred, as the Palestinians were very provoked, because of the slogans and the slurs uttered by the members of the gang, who arrived riding motorcycles and dressed with chauvinistic clothing and who refused to abide by the instructions of the Police to refrain from parking their motorcycles next to the Palestine House.”
More HERE 

h/t SassyWire

Bill Maher and guests discuss who is responsible for deaths in Gaza

Hamas instructs social media activists to describe any armed militant killed in Gaza as an "innocent civilian"

Message to Facebook activists on Hamas interior ministry website
Following are excerpts from the guidelines:
"Anyone killed or martyred is to be called a civilian from Gaza or Palestine, before we talk about his status in jihad or his military rank. Don't forget to always add 'innocent civilian' or 'innocent citizen' in your description of those killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza."

Time Magazine: Obama lacks political courage

...Nowadays politicians are swaddled by their media consultants, who determine whether it is “safe” to be “courageous.” But acts of courage don’t come with a money-back guarantee. They are courageous because they’re potentially dangerous or, more likely, embarrassing. Courage’s reward comes subtly, in the form of trust as the public learns that a politician is willing to take risks to tell the truth. Obama is currently wandering about the country, trying to meet average people, but the choreography is more stringent than the Bolshoi’s. He said he didn’t want to go to the border because it would only be a “photo op” … on the same day his office published a photo of the President and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper shooting pool. Who choreographed that?
There is a “teachable moment” available on the border, where there doesn’t seem to be much chaos these days. There have been fewer people in general coming across in recent years, but there is a specific “Other Than Mexican” (OTM in Border Patrol lingo) humanitarian crisis. The President could even take the opportunity to call a Central American summit to organize a peacemaking force for Honduras, which has become a regional security threat. Indeed, he could host it in Laredo. It is one thing to oppose intervention halfway across the world, in cultures thoroughly alien to our own; it is quite another to work with our neighbors to deal with a humanitarian disaster that is spilling across all our borders. This is one “foreign policy” issue that the public really cares about.
These are precisely the sort of things that Obama doesn’t seem to do anymore. There has been a skein of stories indicating he’s thrown in the towel. He’s so tired of head-banging with Republicans that he has taken refuge in late-night dinners with celebrities and intellectuals. Robert Kennedy did a lot of that too. But Kennedy never gave the impression that politics was distasteful, beneath him, as Obama too frequently does...

Muslim anti-Israel protesters in Calgary assault women in pro-Israel group

As Calgary Police stood by and did nothing:
...Each side lobbed accusations at the other over violence in Gaza and Israel, sparking a tense standoff that escalated when a Palestinian supporter grabbed the Israeli flag.

In the violent confrontation that followed, Jeff Willerton, the pro-Israeli who had been holding the flag, was punched several times and knocked down. The area swelled with demonstrators from either side as some tried to break up the conflict and others fuelled it.

Minutes later, another brawl broke out across the street as supporters of either side screamed at one another, pointing fingers and spitting in faces.

Samantha Hamilton, an Israeli supporter who had been confrontational with Palestinian demonstrators, said six or seven men swarmed on her brother during the clash before they came after her and her cousin.

I'd be ok with it if he beat him to death...

 A Daytona Beach father who walked in on a man sexually battering his 11-year-old son Friday said he did what he had a right to do when he beat the suspect unconscious, leaving him in a puddle of blood, according to a 9-1-1 call.

Iran misses nuclear talks deadline - incurs risk of an Obama scowl while he extends deadline and hands them $2.8 Billion

Oh, no! We missed another nuclear talk "deadline." Hahahahahaha!

Today in Barack Obama making Neville Chamberlain look like Teddy Roosevelt:

(Reuters) - Iran faced Western pressure on Saturday to make concessions over its atomic activities after it and six world powers failed to meet a July 20 deadline for a deal to end the decade-old dispute but agreed to keep talking.
The countries agreed to extend the high-stakes negotiations by four months, and let Iran access another $2.8 billion of its cash frozen abroad during that period...