Saturday, June 25, 2016

Brexit: A Very British Revolution

The world is looking at Britain and asking: What on Earth just happened? Those who run Britain are asking the same question.

Never has there been a greater coalition of the establishment than that assembled by Prime Minister David Cameron for his referendum campaign to keep the U.K. in the European Union. There was almost every Westminster party leader, most of their troops and almost every trade union and employers’ federation. There were retired spy chiefs, historians, football clubs, national treasures like Stephen Hawking and divinities likeKeira Knightley. And some global glamour too: President Barack Obama flew to London to do his bit, and Goldman Sachs opened its checkbook.

And none of it worked. The opinion polls barely moved over the course of the campaign, and 52% of Britons voted to leave the EU. That slender majority was probably the biggest slap in the face ever delivered to the British establishment in the history of universal suffrage.

Mr. Cameron announced that he would resign because he felt the country has taken a new direction—one that he disagrees with. If everyone else did the same, the House of Commons would be almost empty. Britain’s exit from the EU, or Brexit, was backed by barely a quarter of his government members and by not even a tenth of Labour politicians. It was a very British revolution. 
Donald Trump’s arrival in Scotland on Friday to visit one of his golf courses was precisely the metaphor that the Brexiteers didn’t want. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee cheerily declared that the British had just “taken back their country” in the same way that he’s inviting Americans to do—underscoring one of the biggest misconceptions about the EU referendum campaign. Britain isn’t having a Trump moment, turning in on itself in a fit of protectionist and nativist pique. Rather, the vote for Brexit was about liberty and free trade—and about trying to manage globalization better than the EU has been doing from Brussels...

Friday, June 24, 2016

Rex Murphy: Results of the Brexit referendum is a rebuke to Western elites

It’s an old concept I grant you, but nonetheless worth restating. If you want to know what people really think and feel about an issue, have them vote on it, have a referendum. It’s a principle we might want to hang on to in Canada, if it comes to changing how we vote. But for now the most firm illustration of its wisdom is the just-known results of the Brexit referendum.

The often-ignored, sometimes quite rudely deplored British people have spoken and, to the horror of enlightened opinion, respectable party leaders, the ever-guiding liberal intelligentsia, have decided they don’t want “in” the European Union. The vote comes as a mighty shock to broad-minded continentalists and supranationalists everywhere, but particularly the high elites of British politics. The Guardian’s readership will need special help — grief counsellors are already overwhelmed.

The EU vote is the most dramatic illustration to date of how the “guiding elites” of many Western countries have lost the fealty and trust of their populations. Of the gap between ordinary citizens, facing the challenges of daily life, and the swaddled, well-off and pious tribes of those who govern them, and increasingly govern them with a mixture of moralistic superiority and witless condescension...


Thursday, June 23, 2016

US Supreme Court deals immigration blow to Obama - declares President overstepped authority

President Barack Obama has suffered a crushing defeat over immigration at the Supreme Court that will leave the next US president to decide whether to deport or protect millions of unauthorised immigrants.

The US’s top court maintained a freeze on what Mr Obama hoped would be a central part of his legacy, a plan to remove the deportation threat hanging over some 4m people in the US illegally.

The fate of his plan, which affected immigrants whose children are US citizens or lawful permanent residents, will not now be decided until a new president is in the White House.

The result reignites immigration as an issue in the bitter presidential campaign between Donald Trump, who has railed against illegal immigrants, and Hillary Clinton, who called the Supreme Court result “unacceptable”.

Mr Obama decried the result...

See also: Ted Cruz' response to Supreme Court amnesty ruling

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

When a Toronto Pride organizer acts like a self-appointed head of the Gaystapo

Sue-Ann Levy's open letter to Toronto Pride co-Chair Aaron GlynWilliams

How First Nations Became a Prop for White Activists

Jon Kay in The Walrus:
...Modern identity politics came of age in the last decades of the twentieth century, when the Left was losing faith in communism. Over the last two generations, Marxism has reinvented itself through offshoots of environmentalism, anti-racism, anti-colonialism, anti-globalization, and generic anti-capitalism. In furtherance of these causes, our intellectual class has seized, somewhat desperately, on the idea of Indigenous peoples as possessing special, even mystical, powers that permit them to resist the free market and industrialization. They have become a prop for white activists who seek to summon up a world that is more pure, more green, more altruistic than the soulless humdrum of post-industrial global capitalism...

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Human Rights Hypocrites - New Amnesty International Communications Head expressed support for antisemtic terrorists & the creation of a Sharia-ruled caliphate

Amnesty International, ostensibly a human rights organization which is frequently accused of hypocrisy and anti-western bias, has given ammunition to its critics by appointing a new Communications Director who has expressed support for a senior al Qaida leader and an antisemtic Islamic cleric who advocates suicide bombings of Jews.

Osama Saeed had previously been communications head for Qatari-based news network al Jazeera, which has been described as al Qaida's press agency.  As of last week, Saeed assumed that role for Amnesty International. However, in a blow to Amnesty International's shaky credibility, it has emerged that Saeed has previously written his support for Anwar al Awlaki, a senior al Qaida recruiter who planned a number of terrorist operations, claiming the terror mastermind "preached nothing but peace," and was being "hounded" by the US. According to Saeed, the treatment of al Awaki, who has been linked to a number of terror attacks in which dozens of people were murdered, was "further evidence of what a crock the war on terror is."

Another figure linked to terrorism who has Saeed's support is the extremist Egyptian cleric Yusuf Al Qaradawi, who issued a fatwa supporting suicide bombings in Israel. Qaradawi is a supporter of Adolf Hitler who said that the Nazi leader exacted God's punishment on the Jews. However, Saeed has written glowing praise about that antisemitic Egyptian Imam.

Another aspect of Saeed's controversial past is his support for the creation of an Islamic Caliphate which would be ruled by Sharia law. 

Blimey! A Limey tried to assassinate Donald Trump!

A Briton who tried to grab a police officer's gun at a Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas said he wanted to shoot the US candidate, court papers say.
Michael Steven Sandford, 20, did not enter a plea when he appeared before a judge in Nevada and was remanded in custody until a hearing on 5 July.
He is charged with an act of violence in a restricted area.
He had reportedly tried to seize the gun after saying he wanted Mr Trump's autograph at Saturday's rally.
He said he had been planning to try to shoot Mr Trump for about a year but had decided to act now because he finally felt confident enough to do so, court papers say.
He had originally travelled to the US to see a girlfriend, the Evening Standardreports, citing a friend of his mother.
A federal judge found Mr Sandford, who reportedly appeared in court in shackles, to be a danger and risk of non-appearance, and he was ordered detained pending his preliminary hearing...