Monday, May 2, 2016

‘Climate Hustle’ storm brews as Weather Channel founder calls Bill Nye ‘pretend scientist’

The skeptical documentary “Climate Hustle” doesn’t hit U.S. theaters until Monday, but it’s already unsettling the climate-change debate. 
Weather Channel founder John Coleman rushed to the defense of the film, which challenges the catastrophic climate-change narrative, after “science guy” Bill Nye slammed it in a clip released over the weekend as “not in our national interest and the world’s interest.”

“I have always been amazed that anyone would pay attention to Bill Nye, a pretend scientist in a bow tie,” Mr. Coleman said Saturday on the website Climate Depot.

“As a man who has studied the science of meteorology for over 60 years and received the AMS [American Meteorological Society] ‘Meteorologist of the Year’ award, I am totally offended that Nye gets the press and media attention he does,” Mr. Coleman said. “And I am rooting for the ‘Climate Hustle’ film to become a huge hit — bigger than ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ by Al Gore.”

Indeed, the documentary by Climate Depot’s Marc Morano bills itself as a response to former Vice President Gore’s Academy Award-winning 2006 documentary, which sparked international alarm with its warnings of imminent environmental disaster fueled by rising greenhouse-gas levels in the atmosphere.

“Climate Hustle,” which has a one-day screening at theaters nationwide Monday, argues that the climate-change catastrophe scenarios are part of an “overheated environmental con job” aimed at creating hysteria in order to drive public support for bigger government and ever-increasing regulation...

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Bloomberg View: Kasich Is Still Trump's Best Weapon

It is simply astonishing how destructive John Kasich’s campaign has been to the Republican Party.

Right now, the evidence is on full view in Indiana. As part of a deal with the Ted Cruz campaign, Kasich isn't campaigning in the Hoosier State, which votes on Tuesday. But he and his supporters are still telling people to vote for him -- even though a vote for the Ohio governor is basically a vote for Donald Trump. If Kasich's supporters in Indiana want him to have any chance at the nomination, they will vote for Cruz.  

Here's why.

Trump has a slim lead in current polling averages in Indiana. He’s at 37 percent, with Cruz close behind at 35 percent. Kasich is far behind with 16 percent. If Kasich’s voters switch to Cruz (and all else remains equal), then Cruz will win big. If they stay put, Trump might narrowly prevail. Indiana has 57 delegates: 30 will go to the statewide winner; of the remaining 27, 3 each will go to whomever wins in the state's nine congressional districts...

The All-Purpose Justin Trudeau Speech

Being Prime Minister involves an awful lot of speechmaking. It’s why, pretty quickly, most Prime Ministers just start leaning on a toolbox of familiar tics and tropes. Through careful analysis of Justin Trudeau’s favourite rhetorical devices, the National Post presents: The All-Purpose Justin Trudeau Speech™...

President Obama at the 2016 White House Correspondents' Dinner

Why the Left Hates Jews

Israel and the Jewish diaspora make leftist pieties look silly...
Why does the Left hate the Jews? 

The Labour party in the United Kingdom is being convulsed at the moment with a public reckoning of the anti-Semitism of some of its most prominent members, including the former mayor of London, “Red” Ken Livingstone, who has just been suspended from the party for arguing that Adolf Hitler was, effectively, a Zionist. He was trying to explain away the anti-Semitic remarks of MP Naz Shah, who suggested that Israel be liquidated and its population forcibly resettled in the United States.

In the United States, the Harvard Law Record went to some lengths to conceal the identity of a law student who attacked a visiting Israeli dignitary as — in the classic anti-Semitic formulation — “smelly.” That student was Husam El-Qoulaq, a Palestinian leftist. The campus Left has, to no one’s surprise, rallied to his defense. Among those defending him were a number of Jewish law students, who insisted that El-Qoulaq couldn’t possibly have known the anti-Semitic history of “smelly Jew” rhetoric, in spite of his having been reared at the world center of such nonsense. 

Others insisted that the Harvard case and the Labour cases are — this, too, will be familiar — not at all about anti-Semitism but about anti-Zionism.

That argument does not stand up to two seconds’ scrutiny, and never has...

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn worked for Iran's Holocaust-denying state propaganda arm and said calling the BBC "Zionist liars" is a good point

Since taking over Britain's Labour Party, barely a day has gone by where Jeremy Corbyn hasn't had to deal with another instance of antisemitism from within his party making troublesome headlines.

His leadership has become a magnet for Jew-haters to believe they have found a welcoming environment in Labour, though Corbyn insists he is opposed to antisemitism.

The most recent controversy involves one of Corbyn's closest Labour allies, and a senior Labour leader, former London mayor "Red" Ken Livingstone, who volunteered the insane, historically ignorant suggestion that Nazi Fuhrer Adolf Hitler had been a Zionist.

When Labour MP John Mann publicly confronted Livingstone, calling him a  "lying racist" and "a Nazi apologist," Labour's first instinct was to reprimand Mann. It was only due to intense public pressure that Corbyn suspended Livingstone from the party.

All this makes sense in the context of Jeremy Corbyn's personal beliefs and history.

In 2010, Corbyn worked as a host for Press TV, Iran's state-controlled English language propaganda network,  Press TV is a clearing house for deranged antisemitic conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial, all under the smiling guidance of Iran's depraved, apocalyptic-minded ayatollahs.

During a call-in show, Corbyn agreed with a caller's statement that the BBC, a TV network highly critical of Israel, were "Zionist liars," because their condemnation of the Jewish state wasn't vehement enough for the liking of Iran's shills.

That video was found by the Guido Fawkes blog in England, which has been the source of uncovering much of the outrageous behaviour in Labour under Corbyn.

Which all seems to demonstrate that the crisis of antisemitism now faced by the Labour Party isn't despite Corbyn's efforts, but because of them.

(You can see the video below - watch from the 8:00 point):

Friday, April 29, 2016

Enjoy this TrigglyPuff meme

I got nuthin much else to say so far today. Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pretty boy actor Fab Filippo wrote and stars in a thriller about the tech world

“I’ve always wished I was a geek,” says Fabrizio “Fab” Filippo, flashing a charming smile.

This may come as a surprise to those who know Filippo from what he calls “pretty boy parts” on television, including Lives of the Saints (opposite Sophia Loren), Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Queer as Folk.

The Toronto native has never been content, though, to only perform other people’s words. A playwright since the age of 19 (he’s now 42), Filippo has built up an impressive resumé as a writer of TV series and movies, including Billable Hours (which he co-produced and starred in), Perfect Sisters (featuring Mira Sorvino) and the Andrea Martin vehicle Working the Engels.

But a geek? “A geek is somebody who can code, who can troubleshoot technology better than I can, who knows what they are doing. I’ve always loved the geek culture more than anything,” Filippo explains. It’s this interest in technological change and the people and environments behind it that fuels his new play The Summoned, opening this week as the last offering in Tarragon Theatre’s 2015-16 season...

Matthew Lau: If women really are paid so much less, why would anyone hire men?

According to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA), there’s a gender wage gap in Ontario of 29.4 per cent between men and women. Because this can only be attributable to discrimination against women, the left-wing CCPA’s recent report on the matter calls for a transformation of the labour market to fix it. The Toronto Star agrees, editorializing that “Ontario needs a step-by-step plan to close the wage gap.”

Sexism isn’t the only thing to blame, the CCPA is careful to note. So are many other things that advocates of big government find loathsome: the alleged austerity agenda, the decline of unionization, and the “declining equality role of governments,” among other things. So the cure to the gender wage gap, one is left to infer, is the same medicine the left prescribes for any complaint: more government spending, more powerful unions, and maybe some societal re-education to eradicate our sexist ways. It’s a surprise they didn’t throw in a need for more wind power too, by somehow finding a way to blame the wage gap on global warming as well.

In reality, the reason women make less than men is that, on average, their productive output is lower — primarily because they tend to work fewer hours. According to the Ontario Ministry of Labour, the hourly wage gap is only 11.9 per cent. And controlling for education, experience, job tenure, job type, age, and other factors would likely make that remaining wage gap disappear. Of course, these factors must be controlled for all at once. Controlling for only one factor at a time, as the CCPA does in its analysis, is useful for very little except misleading the public on the wage-gap issue...

The Privilege Game