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Monday, October 24, 2016

Clinton supporter paid off $467,500 to wife of FBI Deputy Director in charge of email probe who later decided not to indict Hillary

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has long been a supporter of the Clintons and, as such, is being called into question over his financial involvement in a recent state Senatorial election.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Mr. McAuliffe has been linked to hundreds of thousands of dollars given to the campaign of Dr. Jill McCabe, wife of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Clinton campaign's election-rigger confirms Hillary Clinton's personal involvement in illegal campaign activity

Besieged Professor Jordan Peterson Responds To The University of Toronto's Orwellian Effort To Strip Him Of His Free Speech Rights

Jordan Peterson is the University of Toronto Psychology Professor being persecuted by the institution he works for because of his declared refusal to kowtow to a politically correct mandate to use "non-binary" gender-neutral pronouns he feels are inappropriate.

In a demonstration of classic Orwellian doublespeak, the University of Toronto's administration has sent Peterson two warning letters in which they proclaim their commitment to free speech while simultaneously trying to deprive him of his rights to free speech and academic freedom.

The onslaught against Peterson is something about which every Canadian should be very worried. We have so-called Human Rights Commissions which are now moving past trying to police what can be said into forcing people into saying things they don't want to say.

Pretty soon, it'll be illegal to say that two plus two equals four because it offends non-binary people when you don't say it's five.

Peterson has just published a video with his defiant response to the University's tyrannical demands.

At THIS LINK is a petition where you can express your support for Jordan Peterson's academic freedom, and more importantly, his human right to free speech.

UPDATE: The University of Toronto has actually accepted Peterson's proposal for a public debate. This is a good development, but make no mistake about why it happened and what it means. The University of Toronto's first instinct and first actions were attempts to stifle Peterson, and deprive him of his rights to free speech and academic freedom. They were only to happy to take their marching orders from extremist, Marxist and racist groups like the "Black Liberation Collective."

It was only after massive public attention and pressure was applied to the University of Toronto, pointing out that they were violating their own mandate with their treatment of Peterson that they acceded to his request for a debate. But the issue of free speech and the tyranny of political correctness, both at the Canadian universities and by Canada's government bureaucracy is very far from being settled.

If anything, this is a critical lesson on speaking out and standing up for free speech as it undergoes an ongoing assault.:

Is the Liberal Minister trying to screw with Canada's electoral process an Iranian mole?

Liberal MP Maryam Monsef tried to move back to Afghanistan in 2014. Instead she visited Iran where she was encouraged to run for office here in Canada.

This is according to a French-language profile in Le Devoir written well before it was revealed Monsef was born in Iran, not Afghanistan as she claims she’s always believed.

In the story, Monsef says she couldn’t enter Afghanistan because “it was not safe”. Then once in Iran, she says, she worked with Afghan refugees and was “encouraged to enter politics” in Canada.

This visit to Iran – a country with incredibly strict entry and exit rules - raises serious red flags, according to immigration experts and some in the Iranian community.

In 2012, the Harper government severed diplomatic ties with Iran and closed the Iranian embassy in Ottawa. Due to this, travel between Canada and Iran became increasingly difficult.

In 2014, the Iranian regime made it even more difficult for Canadians who do not have status in Iran to travel there. Canadian citizens who do not hold Iranian passports were banned from visiting Iran except through state-sanctioned tours...

Sunday, October 23, 2016

CBC News finds a leftist clown to disavow radical clown terrorism

I saw this coming a mile away when I suggested that clowns should declare themselves as a religion so that they could stop being fined and arrested for wearing their gear and creeping people out in public.
Now we're getting, at CBC news of course, an article informing us that True Clowning is being perverted by a minority of radicals.
Which obviously is clownshit. Just because Agnes the Clown thinks terror doesn't belong in clowning doesn't mean it isn't a legitimate branch of clowndom any more than it disqualifies Corbynites who are sympathetic to terrorism from being part of UK's Labour movement. Everyone has their radical wing, but it's theirs and you have to either cut it loose or own it.
Just wait until one of them says, "Clowning is the entertainment of peace."
You have this entertainment where they hit each other, spray people with seltzer, knock each other down, smash pies into people's faces - for anyone who looks, it's evident that violence and terror is inherent in clown ideology.

Making clowning even more incompatible with western civilization is their practice of wearing facial coverings and baggy outfits to hide themselves.
Personally, I think our government has been infiltrated by subversive clowns. How else to explain how Canada's Immigration Minister is a red-nosed fool prone to saying unbelievably ridiculous nonsense?

The creepy clown craze has some people on edge leading up to Halloween, and not in the traditionally scary-yet-innocent way most are accustomed to at this time of year.

Two teens were given a slap on the wrist in mid-October after the pair dressed up as clowns and terrorized people in Winnipeg... 
...Regardless to whether the stunts are meant as silly pranks, the humour is lost on many — including Sue Proctor.

Proctor has performed as a mime, clown and storyteller for more than 30 years. She recently earned a master's degree at Concordia University, where she studied the role of the clown for individual and social transformation.

Proctor spoke with CBC Up to Speed radio host Ismaila Alfa recently and explained that terror has no place in the clown world...

Anti-free speech protester at U of Toronto rally arrested for assault

On October 11th Professor Jordan Peterson held a demonstration at the University of Toronto to voice his concerns about political correctness. As expected, the radicals at the university’s student unions showed up to protest and shut down the professor’s speech. They (sort of) accomplished this by blasting white noise through a public address speaker system that was rented by a student union leader named Cassandra Williams.

If you’re one of the unfortunate people who relied on mainstream media reports from outlets like CityNews and the Globe & Mail – or the intentionally unbalanced reports by the campus Varsity newspaper – it’s likely you have a complete misunderstanding of what happened that day.

One of the most memorable moments of the protest was when Rebel Media’s Lauren Southern was assaulted by a trans woman who tried to grab away her microphone. Moments later, a protester who the Internet named “Smugglypuff” blatantly lied to police officers claiming that nothing happened. But Smugglys story doesn’t end there, turns out he/she/xe/ve/thon/hu/ge/zee is now facing criminal charges- but not for the reason you might think...
Read the rest at GenuineWitty 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Crook Versus the Monster

From Scott Adams' blog:
...Reality isn’t a factor in this election, as per usual. If the truth mattered, voters might care that the Democratic primaries were rigged against Sanders. They might care that the Clinton Foundation looks like a pay-to-play scheme. They might care that the FBI gave Clinton a free pass. They might care that we know Clinton cheated in at least one debate by getting a question in advance. They might care that Clinton’s dirty-tricks people incited the violence at Trump rallies. They might care that Clinton’s “speaking fees” were curiously high. They might care about all of that. But they don’t, because a crook is still a safer choice than a monster.

The biggest illusion this election is that we think the people on the other side can’t see the warts on their own candidate. But I think they do. Clinton supporters know she is crooked, but I think they assume it is a normal degree of crookedness for an American politician. Americans assume that even the “good” politicians are trading favors and breaking every rule that is inconvenient to them. I’ve never heard a Clinton supporter defend Clinton as being pure and honest. Her supporters like herdespite her crookedness.

Likewise, Trump supporters know what they are getting. They know he’s offensive. They know he’s under-informed on policies. They know he pays as little in taxes as possible. They know he uses bankruptcy laws when needed. They know he ignores facts that are inconvenient to his message. They just don’t care. They want to push the monster into Washington D.C., close the door, and let him break everything that needs to be broken. Demolition is usually the first step of building something new. And Trump also knows how to build things when he isn’t in monster mode...

Friday, October 21, 2016

The University of Toronto cares more about creating a climate of political correctness than it does in fostering intellectual development

University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson told LifeSiteNews Wednesday night he has no intention of obeying a directive in the University of Toronto’s “cease and desist” letter to stop talking and blogging about transgender pronouns.

“No I’m bloody well not giving in,” he said. “The bloody cowards. I’m very disappointed with the University of Toronto for not standing up for free speech but it’s not unexpected. I guess they don’t think it’s very important. The university is dead.”

Peterson went on the warpath two weeks ago against what he called “totalitarian” federal and provincial legislation and human rights regulations requiring institutions and companies to ensure their employees address students, staff and the public with the pronouns appropriate to the gender of their choice. But he said he would use the pronouns with his students called for by their biological sex.

But in three videos he insisted he would use the pronouns appropriate to their sex and objected to the climate of repression caused by federal and provincial anti-discrimination laws and the university’s order to its human resources employees to take anti-discrimination instruction.

The videos went viral. He was condemned by transgender groups, targeted at a protest, and at a free speech rally in his support, his speech drowned out by yells and “white noise” from his opponents.

Now the university has sent him a letter, signed by arts and science dean David Cameron and faculty and academic life vice-provost Sioban Nelson, paying lip service to free speech, then accusing him of violating the rights of his transgender students.

“Your statements that you will refuse to refer to transgendered persons using gender neutral pronouns if they ask you to do so are contrary to the rights of those persons to equal treatment without discrimination based on their ‘gender identity’ and gender expression,’” their letter states.

The letter reports that violence has been threatened against trans students and implies his videos are to blame. “We trust that these impacts on students and others were not your intention in making these remarks. … However, in view of these impacts, as well as the requirements of the Ontario Human Rights Code, we urge you to stop repeating these statements.”

“What they’ve done is they talked to their lawyers who’ve told them they could be charged with breaking the law if they let me continue to say what I’m saying,” Peterson told LifeSiteNews.

He said the university was itself giving in to pressure from a tiny group called the Black Liberation Collective, which, he claimed, “refuses to disavow violence,” and yet he is the one being implicitly accused of inciting violence. ..

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tarek Fatah: As America falls, India rises

...the United States has left a trail of destruction in every country it claims to have helped including Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and now, Yemen.

After propping up Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, two terrorist-producing countries, perhaps America’s downward slide, seen in the context of its farcical presidential election, is nature’s way of settling scores.

The trouble is the Islamists do not simply seek the destruction of America.

They seek the end of civilization as we know it, and pray for an Armageddon promised in the books of Islamic sharia.

But who will pick up the baton from America as the giant falls?

It won’t be Europe, as Mark Steyn has correctly predicted, and certainly not the authoritarian regimes of China or Russia.

On Tuesday, The Independent reported on just one of the sledgehammer tactics adopted by China to fight rising Islamism among its Muslim minority.

Beijing is calling on people to report their neighbours, friends and relatives for “luring minors into religious activities".

New education rules coming into force in Xinjiang Nov. 1, threaten to remove children from their parents’ care and send them to “receive rectification” at specialist schools.

Notwithstanding the medieval ideology of the Islamists, China’s and Russia’s iron-hand authoritarianism will produce the opposite effect of what we want.

The one country that can take a lead in this global endeavour, post-America, is India....

The final Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton