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Monday, March 14, 2011

"Canadian Apartheid Week" and anti-Canada boycotts next? Israeli Apartheid Week organizers declare Canada an "apartheid state"

What has been particularly stinging to the Canadians behind the odious bigot-fest called "Israeli Apartheid Week" (IAW) are the irrefutable charges of hypocrisy they face.

Here they are, immigrants, and the descendants of settlers, all occupying land taken from the victims of an actual near-genocide of our indigenous population. Yet rather than address the injustice that they benefit from, they devote all their energies to demonizing a liberal democracy on the other side of the world for its defensive policies. Policies that are far less oppressive than those enacted against North American natives which created advantages for colonial settlers and their successors.

This hypocrisy makes the IAW gang look like the person who dumps toxic waste into a lake and then yells at someone else for peeing into it.

Clearly affected by this criticism, Israeli Apartheid Week organizers have just announced that Canada too is an "apartheid state."

At Toronto's inaugural IAW hate event this year, Chadni Desai, speaking on behalf of the organizers, announced:

"We as the organizers of Israeli Apartheid Week in Toronto believe that we cannot speak meaningfully about Israeli apartheid without speaking first about the realities of apartheid here in Canada. Canada's reservation system and the treatment of indigenous peoples is (sic) closely studied by the planners of apartheid in South Africa, although this is a hidden chapter of our history. From its very foundations, Canada has been based on the theft of indigenous land and the genocide and displacement of indigenous peoples. In crucial ways, the Canadian state's treatment of indigenous peoples, historically and currently, can be described as an apartheid system.   
.. As non-natives, we have a role within our communities to further the process of decolonizing Canada. If you are with us in opposition to Israeli Apartheid, we encourage your consistent opposition to apartheid right here in Canada. .. From Palestine to Turtle Island* there is no justice on stolen land."

So there you have it. They have proclaimed that 'Canadian apartheid' was the inspiration for South African Apartheid, and our version is still going on.

It's possible these bigots think that formally declaring they recognize Canada as an "apartheid" country absolves them of charges of hypocrisy. Actually, it makes it worse. Now, not only are they hypocrites, but it becomes clear that they are also irrational anti-Semites who are willing contributors to "Canadian apartheid."

All countries in the world have had prior occupants with some sort of land grievances. But if contemporary Canada is the living spiritual mother of apartheid, then what are these self-declared "anti-apartheid" activists doing here, continuing to colonize, settle and steal native land?  If they honestly believe the foolishness they put forward, why don't they live up to their commitment of  "decolonizing Canada" by packing up their bags and take Helen Thomas' advice to Israelis to "go back where they came from"?

Ironically, these are the same people who as a group want to make immigration (i.e. the increased and ongoing theft of Native land) easier. Yet each new immigrant simply increases the crime against Canada's original occupants, adding to "apartheid".

Have these hypocrites in the "Israeli Apartheid" movement actually done anything substantive to end "Canadian apartheid"? There doesn't seem to be any evidence of it. Are they calling for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Canada? No. That would be inconvenient for them, considering if they did, they would actually have to put their money where their mouths are.

Instead, they do what these types of bigots usually do. Utter meaningless platitudes and then go after the Jews.

The festival of anti-Israeli hatred and bigotry is run mostly by racialists who subscribe to various faddish "critical race theories". These people who allege the falsehood that Israel is in denial about being an apartheid state are themselves racists in denial about their own racism.

This gang of bigots appear to think they have cleared themselves of charges of anti-Semitism by placing a few useful idiot, pitchfork-carrying Jews like Norman Finkelstein and Judy Rebick at the front of their mob.

But the reality remains that of all the many countries in which gross violations of human rights are routine, they decide to go after the one that has the best human rights record in its region, because it's the Jewish one.

They participate in and perpetuate a worse type of "apartheid" than that of which they accuse Israel, and yet it's the Jews who they single out to be the only people to whom they would deny national self-determination.

Unless they act on their statement, it proves that "Israeli Apartheid Week"  is just a trendy pretense put on by bigots and marginalized radicals, while even they aren't stupid enough to believe the preposterous words coming out of their own mouths.

Or if they're sincere, you can expect a "Boycott Canada" movement and "Canadian Apartheid Week" coming soon to a campus near you.

UPDATE: See and comment on The National Post version of this piece.

Go to 2:48 of the video above to hear the "Canadian Apartheid" statement.

 *For the uninitiated, "Turtle Island" is a recently invented "native-sounding" term to describe North America used by radical socialists who want to prove their cred in 'the movement'. There's no evidence actual Natives or anyone else used this term prior to 1974, nor is there compelling evidence that natives mistakenly believed the North American continent to be an island.

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Anonymous said...

Most of the support for IAW comes from UNIONS like CUPE and CUPW and as such protect their union paying jobs. Now really will any union support destabilizing their cash cows? If anything Unions want more jobs protected and guaranteed. Or for another example, Let's see, would any of these idiots head to Quebec and point out their linguistic and their protection of French culture could resemble a form of apartheid? And for those idiots making these claims if you are in Canada, guess what, you're a colonist, and you are living off of the back breaking and hard work of former pioneers, so if you don't like it pack it up and colonize somewhere else.