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Sunday, August 18, 2013

NDP MP Charlie Angus has a social media meltdown

Despite being the Official Opposition, the New Democratic Party of Canada still acts like they know they got there by a fluke and continue to behave like a fringe party.

Their hysterical, frothing, and ever-desperate efforts to spew hate at the established political parties frequently makes them look foolish, and that happened to one of the NDP's senior MPs, Charlie Angus, this week.

Trying to discredit the Canadian Senate, which has more than its share of problems and flaws, Angus went off the rails by trying to "slut-shame" the wife of a retired Senator for appearing in a racy comedy video.

In a facebook post where he wrote " just when you thought the Senate couldn't get more tawdry or disgraced.." he posted an article about the 24 year-old Maygen Sensenberger, who is the wife of retired Liberal Senator Rod Zimmer.

Thing is, the video, Sensenberger, and a retired Senator have nothing to do with any of the current Senate scandals.

GenuineWitty has the details on this item.

A lesson for people who want to try to shame someone else about their supposed lack of dignity, if you want to do that, don't make an absolute fool of yourself with a pathetic attempt at being a middle-aged rapper.

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