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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

After expending public funds to deal with it, Ontario's idiotic Human Rights Commission Tribunal comes to realize it was being trolled by a funny wiseass

A&W papa burger poster

Following a bizarre correspondence with an anonymous letter-writer, Ontario’s human rights tribunal has strongly dismissed claims that the A&W fast food chain’s Burger Family poses a threat to the self-respect of the LGBT community.

“The whole heteronormative, phallocentric marketing scheme of A&W is highly degrading to non-tradition families,” reads the complaint filed to the tribunal last month.The complaint — filed last month by a man posing as a radical lesbian feminist — demanded $50,000 from the restaurant chain, alleging that its trademark Papa, Mama, Grandpa and Teen burgers were “an attack on my womyn identity.”

“The level of humiliation and degradation I felt exceeded that which I felt when I was raped.” 
Calling it “outrageous” and “vexatious,” the human rights tribunal threw out the application earlier this month over concerns regarding the veracity of the complainant’s story.

Questions over the legitimacy of the claim came after learning the pseudonym used on the application, Gloria Ironbox, was the same as a parodied feminist on the adult cartoon series Family Guy... 
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