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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Almost a year after the election, the media's Trump Derangement Syndrome hasn't subsided

My kids didn’t have school the day after Donald Trump won the presidential election and eventually, near noon, they came into my room to see what was wrong with me. Perhaps they’d come to me at their father’s prompting. Perhaps they’d heard me weeping. They’d never seen me this way before. Inconsolable.
“Hillary didn’t lose!” I insisted, as they sat on the bed around me, even as Hillary’s voice drifted into the room — her concession speech, on the radio downstairs, my husband shouting up, “Honey, you should come listen to this!”
I would not listen. I would never listen. The sound of Hillary Clinton conceding to Donald Trump is what compelled me to rise at last, if only to shut my bedroom door.
“It can’t be true,” I said to my kids, back in my bed encampment. “It can’t be. It can’t!”
“I know,” said my daughter with real sorrow in her voice. 


Stephen J. said...

Fascinating. Ms. Strayed complains about her grandfather's opinion that women can't be trusted to make important decisions, and in the very same article openly admits she can't think of any other reason but nationwide misogyny and sexism that sixty-three million people voted against Hillary Clinton.

I'm sure many women can be trusted to make important decisions, but if Ms. Strayed wants to prove she's one of them she'd better demonstrate a finer grasp of differing perspectives.

mrzee said...

America still hates women so much Hillary won the popular vote. I guess Ms Strayed missed that.