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Saturday, July 14, 2018

A quick note on the dearth of blog posts

Those of you who read my blog, you happy breed of men and women, you precious stones set in a silver sea, we few, we happy few..may have noticed a dearth of blog postings lately.

I've been quite busy recently, one of the causes being that I'm in the process of producing a play which will premier in Toronto in January 2019.

I'm pleased to say that two Canadian television stars have already agreed to be in the play.

More will be forthcoming as we get towards the end of the year, and I do thank you for your interest and support.



gama said...

Hey Richard here's hoping your play will celebrate conservative values.....
Break a leg …. Theee-heeee-heeee !

Richard K said...

Thanks gama - it'll be controversial in some quarters for sure!

Anonymous said...

Canadian television stars? Do such things exist?