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Monday, June 14, 2010

Will the Liberals sink to merging with THIS out of power-lust?

Should the Liberals merge with a party whose Deputy Leader thinks 9-11 was an "inside job'??

People following the Canadian political scene know that there have been rumours and talks between the Liberal Party and the NDP about merging the two parties.

Years of frustration at being excluded from the nation's helm rankles the Liberal heart. The Liberal party, since the time of Pierre Trudeau, has had one overriding philosophy: Be In Power.

It never mattered much if it required lying to the public to get there, be it about Wage & Price Controls, excise taxes on gasoline, eliminating the Goods and Services tax, whatever.. tell the public what they want to hear at election time and assume they'll forget what you lied about come next election.

That strategy actually worked pretty well for the Liberals over the years, in no small measure due to their having good leadership that allowed Canadians to gloss over the foibles.

Say what you will about Trudeau and Chretien, but they were intelligent, possessed charisma and leadership skills and gave Canadians a semblance of confidence in their government.

John Turner never had the Royal Jelly and from the looks of things, Michael Ignatieff doesn't seem to either; maybe he'll show us different eventually.

But it is a sorry state of affairs when the Liberals are considering merging with the NDP, a party whose Deputy Leader is Libby Davies.

Davies, for those unfamiliar with her, is the MP who last week declared in a YouTube video, that Israel's "occupation" began in 1948, and not 1967. 1948, is of course the year that Israel came into existence, so the implication of that statement is that Israel is illegitimate.

Davies' Israel comments inspired condemnation from the Ottawa Citizen in an editorial


What slipped by with relatively little attention a couple of years ago, is that Davies introduced a petition into Parliament that says, "We further believe that elements within the US government were complicit in the murder of thousands of people on 9/11/2001."

I kid you not... and here is the proof:

Some might say she's just introducing a petition, but be realistic. When has an MP ever introduced a petition to parliament when they disagreed with its premise?

So the question Canadians need to ask themselves is:

Do we want to risk this kind of craziness having a bigger say in running our country?

It's a question Michael Ignatieff, or any Liberal considering a merger with the NDP needs to answer.

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Louise said...

About 14 seconds in in that first video, Libby Davis look rather panicked. I'm betting she doesn't even know what happened in 1948.