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Friday, August 5, 2011

The NDP slowly comes to understand their incompetence is newsworthy

As the 4th party, behind the governing Conservatives, the Liberals, and the Bloc Quebecois, Canada's national socialist party, the NDP, was able to get away with its caucus members behaving in idiotic and incompetent ways and still avoid the type of scrutiny a serious political party would endure.

But following their rise to  Official Opposition status following the last Canadian federal election, they appear to be shocked and disgruntled that the media dares to criticize and mock them for their incompetence.

Most politicians clamour for the spotlight, but the boobs in the NDP know it is something to be feared, lest it shine a light on their bigotry, hypocrisy, stupidity,  and insanity.

This week, they've been caught like a deer in headlights at the revelation that their unanimously sanctioned interim leader was a member of two separatist parties, one of which is also a communist/separatist party.

While the NDP spends a great deal of time whingeing about the unfairness of being treated like any other political party that has held Opposition status, senior NDP strategist Gerry Caplan has at least marginally figured out that this is what they have to look forward to until the next election.

The fact that it has taken this long for the brain trust at the NDP to realize something that any neophyte political observer knew the day after the election is another reminder of just how unfit the party Jack rebuilt is to govern.

The new leader of the NDP Collective:

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