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Friday, January 27, 2012

Huntingdon Mayor Stephane Gendron's attacks on Israel could be an act of worship

Huntingdon Mayor Stephane Gendron, the co-host of Quebec's V-Tele network's  "Face-a-Face" has, on many occasions, made imbecilic, hateful comments about the Jewish state. He accused Israel of "genocide" suggesting he doesn't actually understand the meanming of that word. At least stupidity is a constant for Mr. Gendron. He also accused Quebec Premier Jean Charest of being a "murderer,"  and a public letter he posted on his blog to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper suggests Gendron may actually be mentally unhinged.

But perhaps the fanatical hostility Gendron exhibits towards Israel is not based so much on hatred of Jews as it is an act of service to one that he loves and admires.

The Bible describes the children of Abraham, Isaac and Joseph as God's chosen people; selected by The Almighty to receive His law. The Bible also contains references to an opponent, Satan, whose purpose is to lead man on the path away from God.
If Satan and Lenin had a baby, would it look like this?

So is it any wonder that a person who is an admirer of Satan would be an enemy of God's chosen?
Posted to Gendron's facebook page

On his facebook profile, Gendron has posted a number of photographs sugesting he has a tremndous affinity, not only for Israel's temporal enemies but also their spiritual commandant, The Prince of Darkness.

This mockery of Christian belief was uploaded to Gendron's facebook profile

Le car du Mayor w/ personalized license plate
His taste in photographs indicate an obsession with The Number of The Beast, "666."  Balding and sporting a devilish goatee that makes him look like the sickly love child of Vladimir Lenin and Old Nick himself, Gendron has adorned both his car and his ring finger with Satanic emblems and has a number of photographs that insult Christianity and pay tribute to the legendary source of all evil.

Jew hatred seems to be a common act of devotion by those subservient to The Evil One. Hitler's Nazis shared Gendron's obsession with crackpot occultism and symbolism. Hitler also shared Gendron's apparent contempt for Christianity, thinking it was a Jewish plot to conquer the world.

Gendron's wearing his pentagram on the wrong finger
Who knows what actual demons possess Stephane Gendron. But whoever they are, the citizens of Huntingdon better hope he doesn't figure out which ritual he needs to perform to conjure them out of Hell.

h/t Blazing Cat Fur

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