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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Former NDP leadership candidate Romeo Saganash thinks public drunkenness makes him more Prime Ministerial, like John A MacDonald

NDP MP Romeo Saganash was booted off an Air Canada flight for passing out drunk on a couple of seats prior to take off on Friday. The flight was delayed half an hour as he was helped off the plane.

Said Saganash, ""I am not looking at excuses"  and he then attempted to provide a laundry list of excuses to absolve himself for his bufoonish behavior. They included  "I know that profound scars were left on me because of my time in residential school" and even the preposterous explanation that "the death of my friend and mentor, Jack Layton, also greatly affected me."   kakasksa Drunk drivers, like Toronto City Councilor Ana Bialao, should try that one.."yes your honor, I was over the limit, but I a am still in mourning for Jack Layton. And I could really use a good shiatsu."

Naturally, Saganash is using the tried and tested "alcoholism is a disease" line. Norm Macdonald covered that one pretty well: (Norm Macdonald video cannot be viewed in Canada)

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