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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just out of curiousity, where is the Liberal outrage about the proroguing of Ontario's legislature?

A minority government faces a contempt motion and the head of government prorogues the legislature to get his party in order.

That happened a couple of years ago when Stephen Harper did it at the federal level and the Liberals were calling for mass demonstrations.

Now Dalton McGuinty does it and...we see what hypocrites the Liberals are.

The resignation last night of McGuinty leaves the question of who on his caucus will run for the leadership.

The Ontario Liberal caucus sucks. The Premier who said he wanted to be the "Education Primier" appointed Laurel Broten,  Ontario's worst ever Minister of Education. With former Attorney General Michael Bryant, McGuinty's best potential successor, having a cloud of disgrace hanging over him after his killing of a bicycle courier, Children and Youth Service Minister Eric Hoskins may be among the best on the weak Liberal bench.


Anonymous said...

If Liberals are hypocrites for not complaining about prorogation aren't the Tories also hypocrites for complaining about it? It cuts both ways, eye.

Richard K said...

There's a big difference between simply complaining, which is happening now from the Conservatives, and saying it's a subversion of democracy and dictatorial and calling for massive street protests, which is what happened 2 years ago from the Liberals.

Anonymous said...

The difference is a matter of degree - it's still hypocritical of Tories and outlets like the Sun to complain about it now when Harper did the exact same thing twice.

Richard K said...

Oh look, the Liberal Toronto Star is complaining too


There is nothing hypocritical about complaining about a decision - lots of conservatives thought Harper proroguing parliament was a bad idea too. But that's a big stretch from saying a government is undemocratic or subverting democracy by doing so. I don't hear conservatives saying that about McGuinty. Like Harper when he prorogued, McGuinty has a minority government, and it would be idiotic to suggest those things, because, as they could have done with Harper, when the legislature resumes, if they really want to, the opposition parties can launch a no-confidence motion and force an election.