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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Liberals inflict an OISE asshole on Ontario as Premier

The way a person speaks, their vocabulary, and their cultural practices will tell you, in very general terms, something about them. Even certain aspects about their physical appearance, such as whether they are unkempt or well-groomed, if their clothes are neat and expensive or not, can lead to natural and not unreasonable inferences.

But one thing that anyone of sound intellect in a modern civilization has come to realize is that you can't make rational judgments about an individual based solely on their skin color. Pigmentation will tell you nothing about a person's intelligence, affluence, education, cultural practices, religion, or anything else of substance. 

The only people who think they really know something about another person based on their skin color are racists, and racists are not only stupid, but they tend to be assholes.

So, who are the racists in North American? There are a few moronic troglodytes who represent the classic notion of the racist - the handful of imbecilic neo-Nazis who try to mitigate their pathetic failures of lives by attempting to bolster themselves with the hare-brained idea of collective racial superiority. Those are the obvious assholes. 

Unfortunately, there is a vastly more pervasive form of racism that has infected our society with the imprimatur of respectable educational and political institutions, such as the University of Toronto's Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). It's an insidious racism rooted in political dogma that places everything in delusive terms of perceived power structures and relationships. This racism deems that no matter how wealthy, how influential, how powerful and informed you are, if you aren't white, you are oppressed, racialized and a victim. This same racism postulates that no matter how enlightened, egalitarian and fair you may be, or no matter how impoverished and subjugated,  if you are Caucasian, you are an oppressor and a beneficiary of "white privilege."

This belief system is predicated on the idea that racism is practiced in society. Indeed it is, but only by assholes. This OISE racism postulates that all white people are racists due to their having been born with a particular skin pigmentation. That counsel is itself racist and it means that OISE is teaching its students to be assholes. In that one aspect they have been uniquely successful and even more so now that Kathleen Wynne, the new Premier of Ontario, appointed by the Liberal Party elite, is a product of OISE racism. 

OISE racism is practiced by idiots and is fueled with the pompous sanctimony common to fanatics who think they have a right to suppress any speech or thought that does not conform to their notion of a "better world."

OISE racism has been in place in Ontario's schools for some time now. It was promoted by outgoing Premier Dalton McGuinty's Education Minister Laurel Broten. It was infused in Toronto's schools through the plagiarizing OISE grad, disgraced former Toronto District School Board Education Director, Chris Spence.

As Ontario's new Premier Wynne prepares to completely capitulate to the province's over-privileged, entitled teachers' unions, that impending loss in what should have been a victory for Ontario's taxpayers can also be traced to the neo-Marxist idiocy indoctrinated in students at OISE. Wynne received her MEd in  OISE's Adult Education and Counselling Psychology program, which despite its innocuous-sounding name, is one of the most radical, politicized departments in that hyper-politicized institution. The program boasts such faculty luminaries as Shahrzad Mojab, who has bizarrely concluded that oppression of women in Afghanistan is caused not by Islamist fanaticism, but an evil western, capitalist conspiracy.

Wynne, who is a promoter of the sexist, oppressive mosqueteria at Toronto's Valley Park Middle School was never elected to lead the province by the voters of Ontario. She was put in place by Ontario Liberal Party delegates, who appear to have judged that the way to victory is to give the party`s helm to someone who can out NDP the NDP. That will make the new Premier`s former teachers at OISE happy, since they are more devoted to infusing their ideological totalitarianism in society than they are to a particular political party. As the province gets to see what OISE assholes do when power is handed to them, perhaps Ontario`s Liberal party will find the biggest largesse they have dispensed is not to Wynne, but her political rivals in the Progressive Conservatives.  But until that happens, the erosion of rights in Ontario will continue to take a nasty slide.


Anonymous said...

Great article and I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks.

Richard K said...

Well, thank you for saying so!

1389 said...

She looks like a dude.

Anonymous said...

my dislike for oise is from a much earlier time. the hall-dennis report of 1968, based on oise input, gutted the ontario educational system.all the current shortcomings of today's classrooms can ce traced back to this. the birthday boy

Be Wise said...

Not surprising - OISE was founded by Jews.

Richard K said...

You mean like Christianity?

Anonymous said...

That's Wayne Gretzky!

Richard K said...

I thought it was Ed Grimley

greg said...


Ontario Institute for Socialist Embracement

Anonymous said...

History of political correctness as cultural Marxism here: