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Thursday, March 14, 2013

GenuineWitty is rattling all the right (bad) people

Obviously, I'm not trying hard enough.

I've been writing and going on television talking about malfeasance in the education system, in politics, among radicals and more, but other than the occasional hostile comment, email or tweet from a seemingly unbalanced weirdo, I haven't inspired obsessive hatred towards me yet.

Not like Greg Renouf, who publishes a blog called GenuineWitty.

Greg was one of the original people in Vancouver and Toronto's Occupy protests. Seeing the would-be movement become hijacked by the old left, and various nutcase radical groups, he set about to expose them and their agenda.

Which really bothers them a lot.

He has been physically attacked by the radicals he's exposed and has inspired pathological anarchist clowns to write idiotic things about him like:

Blogger Greg Renouf has been a terrible annoyance and worse to revolutionaries and activists across Turtle Island since at least December 2011 when he was called out publicly for harassing an activist about Occupy Vancouver even though that particular activist was hardly ever at the encampment. He has since moved to Torontowhere he has engaged in a more long-term campaign of slander, harassment, and conspiracy theories about the “tides funded” “treason” of what he sees as the left.
This is a callout for awareness, in the hopes that someone can shut him down in whatever capacity possible on the internet or wherever. It should also not be taken lightly that he is fairly tech-savvy.

That however, is the tip of the iceberg. Usually it requires someone to be a major public figure, like Toronto Mayor Rob Ford or Prime Minister Stephen Harper, to inspire the type of vindictiveness to get someone to devote the time and energy to creating blogs and twitter accounts for the sole purpose of attacking one individual.

Apparently the damage Greg Renouf is causing to the radical left, at least in their tiny minds, puts him in the league of nationally-known leaders.

Renouf has inspired both a blog and twitter account maintained by some lunatic that is obsessed with him and his exposure of insane radical protests groups and the people involved with them in Canada.

To which all I can say is, keep up the good work, Greg.

Below is a link to Renouf's report last week about the fanatical anti-Capitalist group, the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty's attempt to take over Metro Hall - it is worth a read and you can access it through this link


The Hammer said...

Greg has been on the right track for well over a year. He should be getting more attention in the main stream media. Maybe his writing hits too close to home for some people and they prefer not to know.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of scary things these people do against the people disagree with.

Just look at

or for something nonspecific


Domestic Terrorism ... Canada's Dirty Little Secret said...

Greg is an outstanding and great personal friend. the reason people are so utterly afraid of him is because he speaks the truth that no one wants to hear. He shows people the real side of what these so called crack-tivists do / are like. The people he exposes arre not activists, they are professional protestors who are aimless, lack any ambition, have no morals, are devoid of any integrity and would prefer to smash stuff rather than actually sit down , shut up and learn something. Thanks Greg for you awesome work.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

and I mean that in the nicest's of ways. This is utter garbage. You want to support this guy? Holy fuck.









Darryl R said...


I am not familiar with your writing or your blog. However, I read a couple articles and you seem to quote sources, provide footnotes and screenshots. If you go after someone you make sure you have ammo and there is some sort of cause. Greg does none of these things or intermittently at best.
As a right wing blogger you are doing your job very well and you need not feel inadequate next to Greg. The man gets the reaction he does due to his libel, harassment and slander of activists. One of his closest friends is Patrick Ross a man who is currently in hiding from an $85,000 defamation judgement.
You could get the same reaction Greg does if you were willing to start harassing women and sacrifice your journalistic integrity.

Brownie said...

Eyecrazy, I generally support your views on things generally but if the claim on the Twitter account you've linked to that Greg collects welfare is true then there's a problem. I don't care if I agree with what someone says or not, if someone has enough time, commitment and skill to blog full time then there is no reason why they shouldn't be able to get a job and do it on their own dime. According to Greg's website he has a master's degree and has worked as a management consultant and also has computer skills. I just paid my taxes today - about $6,000. I'm self-employed and I also go to school part time and pay my own tuition because as a person with his own business I don't qualify for OSAP or student grants. I don't see why my hard-earned tax money should go to support someone who is fully capable of working but prefers to spend their time blogging instead. I don't care if it's a good blog or a bad blog, it shouldn't be paid for by welfare dollars. Anyone who collects welfare so they can blog is a welfare cheat, pure and simple.

Richard K said...

From some of these latter comments it seems obvious that Greg is indeed rattling the right people.

Curtis, I noticed you thought better of your earlier profanity-laced hysteria and deleted your last post. Links with the ravings of half-witted anarchist clowns actually do an even better job of proving my point.

Greg covers the sort of people who try to appropriate public spaces and prevent anyone who dissents from them from having a voice.

In short, a bunch of dimwitted, petty, would-be totalitarians.
Fortunately they're all too stupid to actually get any real power, but that doesn't prevent them from being used as tools by the union bosses and NDP-aligned political interests.

As to what you call 'harassment', the only thing I've ever witnessed from Greg is his filming people at public events and protests where they speak and make absolute fools of themselves.

I can see why some people get rattled when that is spread to a wider audience than their usual self-congratulatory clique of pathetic radical fanatics.

The Hammer said...

Curtis Nixon is quoting Julian Ichim's blog? Are you kidding me? That guy is a complete nut case.