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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Housewives' advocacy group mad at Canadian Foreign Minister speaking out about about Gay Rights

John Baird
REAL Women of Canada  is essentially a housewives' advocacy group that's view of women appears to have been frozen in time somewhere around 1958. The group's spokeswoman is upset that Canada's Foreign Minister John Baird is an outspoken advocate for Gay Rights abroad.

Gays face persecution in countries like Iran and most of the Muslim Middle East as well as in Uganda and Russia. That persecution often comes in the form of physical violence and imprisonment and torture.

I met John Baird a couple of years ago at the Munk Debates; he's a very decent guy. Under Baird's leadership, Canada has become a leader in global human rights advocacy. But for REAL Women, some humans aren't particularly important.

One of the commonly stated objections I've noted from some hard-core social conservatives to Baird's forthright condemnation of  mistreatment of Gays in Russia is that "we have no right to tell another country what is should do within its own borders."

Funnily, I've never heard a conservative of any sort make the same complaint when Baird (very commendably)  has forcefully spoken out about the mistreatment of Christians in Muslim countries including Pakistan and Egypt.

This is what REAL Women want to do, 
 and those damn Gays aren't going to pay for them to do it!
Many, many dear friends of mine are conservatives.  This attention-seeking ploy by REAL Women is something they should shun like the plague. REAL Women's attack on Baird makes them look every bit the caricature of the narrow-minded, hypocritical bigots that the far left would like to deceitfully tar everyone who thinks a 98% tax rate is unreasonable.

From the perspective of REAL Women, it's understandable they are distraught about homosexuals and Gay Rights. After all, if men can marry each other, who is going to pay for REAL Women to sit around the house eating bon bons and popping out children?

Looks like REAL Women will have to up their game and make sure they can pull in husbands who can keep them in the style to which they hope to become accustomed. Or they could stop being idiots and get a job.


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