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Monday, September 23, 2013

CUPE and OCAP thugs break into private property to attempt set up a squat in Toronto

A group of Canadian Union of Public Employees-funded thugs from the Ontario Coalition Against Private Property Poverty (OCAP) broke into a property that is being redeveloped in Toronto`s downtown Sherbourne and Dundas neighborhood yesterday.

Among the cretins involved in the invasion was Jenny Peto, a Ryerson University employee who authored a notorious anti-Semitic thesis which was condemned in the Ontario Legislature. Ms Peto's "partner," Liisa Schofield, is an OCAP organizer.

OCAP is a despicable, violent organization that manipulates homeless and mentally ill individuals to participate in their efforts to ferment "class warfare"

Blogwrath was at the protest and has a detailed report you can read HERE.

More background HERE. 


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