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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kelly McParland: Toronto unleashes a Fordenstein monster

...In freeing Mr. Ford of the responsibilities of his office, save for the ceremonial parts, his opponents have created a Fordenstein monster: the mayor is now free to campaign full time, railing against his opponents, denouncing the “elite” and attacking the return of the “gravy train” that was his express ticket to the office....

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Skippy Stalin said...

Well, he's doing well with the Hells Angels, I'll given Etobicoke slim that.

To be honest, I'm going to love seeing this. A mayor who doesn't have the brains to be disgraced, running without any institutional support or money, with well over sixty percent of the population vowing to vote against him regardless of the circumstances.

Christ, even that simpleton Dougie is going abandon ship at the first opportunity to make Tim Hudak's lie more miserable than it is, preferring that to babysitting his stoned and stupid brother.

Worse still, there's quite a line forming to challenge Ford from the right, yet a vacuum opposing Olivia Chow on the left.

Were I running, say, John Tory's campaign, i'd use that to devastating effect. I'd saying things like, "The mayor's campaign isn't about fiscal responsibility. There is no shortage of candidates that can deliver that. This is about the ego of Rob Ford. Unfortunately, that ego has done more to set back fiscal responsibility than anything the left could do. If you want to elect Olivia Chow, vote for Rob Ford."

And all of the above presupposes that Robbo isn't criminally charged, which I think he will be.