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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Palestinian Bee on kids show freaks out over negotiations with Israel; says he will go on killing Jews

Pioneers of Tomorrow, the kids' TV show on Hamas' al Aqsa TV in Gaza, is their equivalent of Romper Room.

It routinely features characters encouraging children to participate in suicide bombings and murder.

The video below was broadcast on Palestinian TV just a little over a week ago, on November 29, 2013.

These straightforward facts are routinely denied by useful idiots of terrorism that we have in Canada

h/t BCF


Anonymous said...

This sort of show is common not just in Gaza but also the West Bank, Saudi Arabia, Iran and this one is from Lebanon

Anonymous said...

It's common but politically and socially incorrect and should not be passed over as I'd it's OK.

Daniel Moshe Johnson

It is such behavior that has created a bias fixated opinion of the State of Israel, , which is the only nation that's constitution is actually built on the concept of a God.

A God that makes laws to further the growth of man fallible nature, a nation that is hated by those whose host bodies are not yet learned, so they are swayed by negative frequencies, even when the greatest story ever told has a modern day people who still have the ability to tolerate the inability of its neighbor to learn love and apply wisdom.