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Sunday, December 8, 2013

The cruelty and torture of "halal" slaughter in Gaza

The method whereby the cows were taken out of the van trunks was as follows: beatings with whips and sticks to force the cows to exit through the opening and pulling the cows with a rope tied around their necks from within the van. The van did not have a ramp so the cattle were in effect dropped from the height of about one meter hitting the ground, at times landing on knees or stomachs.

In the main Gaza slaughterhouse the cows was entered into a metal box from which only their head could be seen. Employees then turned the metal box upside-down bringing the cows' heads to a convenient position, with their legs turned upwards and their heads turned downwards. Sometimes this stage lasted twenty six seconds, during which the bull would shake its head violently while suffering in this unnatural position. The slaughter itself took part in several stages. During the first stage, lasting some two seconds, the slaughterer cut the main veins in the cow’s throat several times with his knife causing a deep slash. For a further eleven seconds, until the end of the clip, he repeated cutting the animal's throat twice more.

In other slaughterhouses in the Gaza Strip where there are no such metal boxes, and the slaughter is conducted in two main methods: a stab to numb and weaken the bull prior to completing the slaughter, and 'sawing' the bull's throat at length.

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