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Monday, May 25, 2015

Poll says majority of Canadians see Omar Khadr as a threat

A majority of Canadians see convicted terrorist Omar Khadr as a threat to Canada.
A poll of 1,514 Canadians conducted by Angus Reid found that 55% agree that Khadr "remains a potential radicalized threat" while 45% disagree with that statement.
A majority of Canadians in all regions, with the exception of British Columbia, felt Khadr remains a threat. Men were slightly more likely than women to see Khadr as a threat (57 to 54% respectively) and Canadians over 35 viewed Khadr as a great threat than Canadians under 35.
Among political party supporters, Conservatives (73%) were most likely to view Omar Khadr as a threat compared to NDP supporters (44%) and Liberal voters (39%).
Liberal voters were also more likely to support the court ruling that freed Khadr on bail while he appeals his conviction on war crimes before a US court.

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