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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The latest Game of Thrones faux-outrage illustrates why no one takes 3rd wave feminists seriously

It doesn't seem to have occurred to Social Justice Wankers upset about Game of Thrones that its depiction of a marital rape wasn't any more of an endorsement of it than MacBeth is an endorsement of murdering your house guests:

As anyone familiar with the series knows, Game of Thrones is grisly – perhaps the grisliest show of the decade. In virtually every episode, a character, usually a bloke, is brutally murdered, tortured or mutilated. Limbs are hewn from bodies, heads are severed from necks, and skin is flayed from living flesh.

In one scene, a Lannister knight crushes the skull of a Dornish Prince with his bare hands, sending blood and brains everywhere. Another character, the Stark turncoat Theon Greyjoy, endures many gruesome scenes of graphic torture before having his dick lopped off by the sadistic villain Ramsay Bolton.

That’s all fine, of course. Everyone accepts that Game of Thrones is a series that prides itself on graphic hyper-realism. It was never intended to cater to the faint-hearted, which is why, although the show is famous for shocking spectacle, such as the infamously bloody “Red Wedding”, its gratuitous violence has not historically generated any moral outrage.

No-one has accused the show’s creators of being “bad people” for staying true to the brutal world of the books.

Until now, that is – because, for once, the victim of on-screen violence is a woman...

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