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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Explaining who to blame for Donald Trump's victory

America has become a place where the people running universities were banning people from wearing Halloween costumes because of so-called cultural appropriation and encouraging adults to act like spoiled infants, coddled in "safe spaces." A racist movement called "Black Lives Matter" declared that all white people are racist, and elements of it were actually advocating racial violence. Yet the left is cozying up to that movement.

New York City introduced laws that call for up to quarter million dollar fines for those who don't recognize some preposterous forms of gender identification which include over 30 forms of gender identity. Very few people could name any other than male and female.

Left wing municipal governments across the United States instituted "sanctuary city" policies by which they refused to enforce immigration laws and provided extensive services to non-citizens which citizens were expected to pay for through their taxes.

The left wing news media stopped calling referring to illegal immigrants, instead calling them "undocumented workers" as if it there were like someone who lost their drivers' license.

People who spoke out in favor of Israel are subject to harassment and bullying by Jew-hating fanatics on campuses and elsewhere, and leftists defend the anti-Semites, describing them as "social justice" activists.

Left wing media, along with leftist politicians refused to identify terrorism inspired by Islam as Islamic terrorism, instead using the term "violent extremism" as if it was violence perpetrated by people who did it solely for the thrill of being violent.  There were some who even insanely blamed the Islamic terror attack that resulted in fifty gay people being massacred in a Florida nightclub on "toxic masculinity."

People criticizing Islam for its misogyny, promotion of violence, and homophobia dismissed and derided as "Islamophobes," even if those critics were liberal Muslim reformers. Yet any other religion can be openly mocked or insulted as part of the cultural norm.

If someone tried to speak out against these hypocrisies and injustices, the left accused them of racism, misogyny. Often, out of a sense of outlandishly inflated entitlement, the left would shut down their right to free speech by disruptions that often include violence.

And the rest of us finally have had enough of it.

That's why Donald Trump won the US Presidency last night.

There were indeed other factors including the economy, the desire for a change from the previous administration, and the unlikability of his scandal-ridden, Democratic challenger.

But the pent-up urge to push back against the sanctimonious, oppressive, bigoted totalitarianism of the left was a huge part of the political success of the new President-elect.

Trump may be a deeply flawed candidate, but he was alone among presidential candidates of this generation who was bold enough to at last speak out about the tyranny of the left's political correctness.

So if you're a leftist who is wailing about how Trump has supposedly "normalized" racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and whatever ills you can dream up, you're wrong. He hasn't. What's happened is that for millions and millions of Americans, Trump has provided an antidote to years of you trivializing those terms, along with the term "social justice," to the point that they're meaningless.

If you're a leftist, the election wasn't just a repudiation of Hillary Clinton, it was a repudiation of your extremism and intolerance. If you're a leftist looking for someone to blame for President Donald J. Trump, take a walk to the nearest mirror and look there. Because you did it.

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