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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

FBI agents investigated Clinton Foundation, but probe was stymied by bosses, justice officials: reports

...The deep divisions between the FBI and the department of justice have been laid bare by the growing row over FBI director James Comey’s handling of the furor surrounding Hillary Clinton’s emails. The department of justice warned Comey not to make an announcement on Friday about further material that had been found relating to the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server, it was reported, with Loretta Lynch, the attorney general, recommending against it.
Lynch’s role has come into question after Bill Clinton boarded her plane on the tarmac in Arizona for what he described as a chat about grandchildren. Days later Lynch recommended that Hillary Clinton not be prosecuted.

Agents within the FBI were keen to investigate the Clinton Foundation but were blocked by their own bosses and by senior officials at the department of justice, according to The Wall Street Journal. FBI officials in four field offices — New York, Los Angeles, Washington and Little Rock, Ark. — were collecting information about the foundation to see if there was evidence of financial crimes or influence-peddling, sources told WSJ...

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