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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to irritate the idiots behind the Canadian Gaza Boat

Well, the old spoil-sports took down all of our pithy suggestions for the dinghy that Ali Mallah, our old friend Kevin "the Liar" Neish and rabble.ca.'s Kim Elliott want to send to Gaza. The new list is all committee approved before it gets to their website and hasn't grown since we had our fun with them.

But..they are using a twitter application called backtype that allows them to keep track every time their site is mentioned. So if you have a twitter account just suggest a name and add this URL (http://canadaboatgaza.org/cms/sites/cbg/en/suggest-name.aspx)  to the tweet, and they'll get to see your idea.

I've already contributed The Sea Hitler and The Mavi Masturbaters to what I'm sure will be an amusing new selection. New contributions include, The Hamas Butt Buoy, The Iranian Arms Express, The Floating Turd, The SS Terror Accomplice and Canadian Insanity Contingent. Keep 'em coming!

UPDATE: I'm pleased to report that while it seems to take a while, these tweets are making it to the main Gaza Boat naming page through the backtype application. "The Sea Hitler" has made it back to their sorry collective consciousness again!

UPDATE September 22: The spoil-sports evidently got tired of seeing their tub being dubbed as "The Sea Hitler" and "The SS John Greyson's Gerbil" among others and removed the Backtype application.

Ha ha!


Blazingcatfur said...

This is very good fun;)

Anonymous said...

I love technofun like this!