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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Case for Vegetarianism: If you eat meat, your next meal might have been smarter than Avi Lewis

He's smug, he's anti-capitalist, he's anti-America and he seems to think he's smart. Unfortunately for Mr. Naomi Klein, he isn't bright enough to realize that he's being made a fool of by his interviewees.

These interviews are about 3 years old now but worth revisiting.

This interview Lewis did with Ayaan Hirsi Ali earned Lewis such contempt and ridicule, it may have single-handedly have been responsible for Lewis' move out of mainstream media over to his new career at his natural spiritual home at Al Jazeera. It is the most glaring example of ignorance, hubris and stupidity from a member of the news media I have ever witnessed.

Blazing Cat Fur did this media round-up of reaction to this interview. All of it unfavourable to Lewis and laudatory of Hirsi Ali.

I couldn't help but hope that Mr. and Mrs. Klein get a chance to watch this video - it'll send their blood pressure skyrocketing:

1 comment:

Gibson Block said...

The interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali is one of my favourite interviews ever. I'd never seen the John Bolton clip before and it was good too.

It's good to have a guy like Avi around to passionately pose all the anti-American ideas to able interviewees and give them a chance to respond.

The only bad thing would be if he got to spout off without having to test his ideas against a good guest.