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Monday, October 4, 2010

And now a few words from Sarah Thomson about George Smitherman

On September 28, Sarah Thomson withdrew from Toronto's mayoral race and encouraged her supporters, such as there were any, to back George Smitherman.

What, one wonders, led to this change of heart?

In a post that is (as of the time this went up) still on Thomson's own website, titled "Spring Fling with Sarah Thomson," she wrote a particular barb directed at then front-runner George "Captain eHealth" Smitherman:
"the other candidates for Mayor are offering exactly what career politicians always offer: Big promises of sweeping change but empty of any real, practical, solutions. They fight each other in a blame game, criticizing the mayor for finding 100 million dollars while all the while ignoring the e-health billion that has disappeared.
Does anyone in the room tonight feel e-healthier? I didn’t think so."
In another:

Mayoral Candidate Sarah Thomson Responds to Mr. Smitherman's Consolidation Proposal
Wed. June, 23rd - 1:00 pm
"EMS and the fire department are both critical and valuable services. However, to integrate EMS into what has been deemed an ‘essential service’ and amalgamate the two sectors will impede and reduce management’s ability to manage costs and service levels in the future. This is something that Mr. Smitherman seems to forget, as we have witnessed with his inconsistent and disorganized transit plans and, of course, his history with the E-Health blunder.
"This is a classic move to increase the size of government without comprehensively studying whether it in fact can reduce costs.

Yet in September, when Thomson's election capital was exhausted, her support low, and her campaign in debt, she had a remarkable change of heart about Mr. Smitherman's capabilities and said:

"I am confident that George’s Budget Blueprint will give Torontonians the government they deserve. George is someone who will lead our city with open doors, not closed minds. George understands the big picture for Toronto – and he has the best plans and policy to deliver our best opportunities."
Thanks Sarah, of course we trust you. It's not like you're saying whatever self-serving thing pops into your head.

UPDATE: sanwin provided an even better example in the comments section and provided a link to the Women's Post page via Google cache.


sanwin said...

Here are better ones :

Come on now, let's spread some of what Sarah Thompson said about Slitherman in 2009.... although she tried to scrub it from her blog, google cache knows it all.

"And now he's running for mayor of Toronto. The race for mayor gets more interesting. Voters now have the option to vote in a completely irresponsible, corrupt, boondoggle of a career politician. George Smitherman the man responsibile for most of the transgressions that occured in the E'Health corruption controversy. But why not? He has afterall been involved in politics since he was 15 -- 30 years of learning how to manipulate, trick and pull the wool over the eyes of voters. He if anyone, knows how to take advantage of the system. And afterall, the liberals have been watching him like a hawk since they learned about that nasty little E-health episode. With the very damaging report on the e-health scandal castigating and the senior management of E-health for wasting nearly $1 billion in taxpayers' money over the past decade in a failed bid to create an electronic health record system. He just can't get the respect he deserves at Queens Park. And he's falming mad about it. So if they don't appreciate him. Well why not run for mayor? eh? Voters will forget his transgressions. He'll can always say that he's gone for counselling. Yes okay so most of the trangressions in the E-health scandal happened on Smitherman's watch from 2003 to 2008. But it's now 2009 and people forget right? Isn't it time for a change? Let's get an entreprenuer, a business owner to step into the race. And let's make it a woman!"


Admin said...

This was being talked about by Sue Anne Levy this morning.

Apparently the word FALMING is a homophobic slur (And he's falming mad about it)

Imagine that.

Rusty_S aka Rustee24 said...

He's mad about everything. If this idiot gets elected it will go to show that the Toronto populace is dumber than paint.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, Sarah Thomson lacks integrity and honesty... she has truly taken hypocrisy to another level. Scum is the only adjective that pretty much sums up what she is in one word.