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Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Pigs are class enemies!" OCAP attack on City Hall videos

Here's how it started:

OCAP uses homophobic slurs!  In the first video at the 2:23 point, you can hear an OCAP thug say to Etobicoke Councillor Doug Ford: "F*cking scumbag, ya' faggot, eat sh!t and die!" This is the person to whom Ford allegedly replied "Get a job" although if he did, it is not audible in the video.

For more idiotic Stalinist tripe, you can hear chants, shouts and profanity from Ontario Coalition Against Povery (OCAP) thugs who invaded City Hall in an attempt to subvert democracy in this video:


Anonymous said...

I wonder whether the police and security officers would be as polite if the rowdies were radical capitalists (perhaps of an Ayn Randian bent) demanding that City Council abolish the entire welfare system and let the people who can't afford to pay for their own upkeep beg for charity or starve to death. If what OCAP did is somehow OK, then why would it not be OK for say Donald Trump to hire a goon squad to disrupt council meetings until he gets a special personal exemption from all City building regulations and property taxes.

The point is that a mob was able to disrupt and bring to a halt a committee of City Council. Why isn't that considered a serious crime? If OCAP can get away with it, why can't every bunch of crackers? Why not the Fred Phelps gang do it the next time Council thinks about funding Gay Pride festivities? If this kind of behavior is tolerated, there won't be a responsible elected government - just anarchic wars between rival gangs.

hunter said...

How did they get a drum in there?

Richard K said...

They actually managed to get at least 3 drums in!

rural.belle said...

Thanks for posting these, I hadn't seen them before.

Maybe councilors and police officers should start holding up their cells and videotape the idiots in front of them - a view from the other side!

Richard K said...

One of the invaders took them and posted them to YouTube. Remarkably, I don't think he realizes it makes his side look like belligerent idiots.

Anonymous said...

You only have to look at the video posted by an OcAP supporter at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slncJUpTPgk&feature=player_embedded

At 2:24 a smiling OCAPers says, "F**king sc*mb*ag, ya' f*gg*t, eat sh*t and d*e!"

At 3:12 after Doug Ford as you can see reluctantly leaves at the behest of security another OCAPer is shouting, "F**king cowards. Run B**ch! Run away. Run away you mother f**cker!"

Maybe you can pick out some of the other things that OCAP is proud to have shouted? And they wonder why nobody listens to their attempts at intimidation.

I blame this all on Bob Rae for shutting down the instutions providing permanent housing to those with serious psyciatric illnesses which coincidentally happened the same year OCAP was created!

Anonymous said...

Here is a very interesting mailing from OCAP where their founder and leader John Clarke is pining for having a private pension plan for himself! http://www.causepimps.ca/john-clarke/poverty%20pimp%20pension.html

Now his prayers have been answered with a huge amount of funding from CUPE to fight for the Ontario NDP leading up to the October 6, 2011 election and to fight on their behalf against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Richard K said...

I don't know if they want extra money for John Clarke's personal use - I didn't read that in the email in the url you posted they want to launch actions leading up to the provincial election. I may donate to the scumbags myself. Nothing makes the NDP and their CUPE masters look worse than when OCAP puls one of their insane, stupid "calls to action".

Clarke could very possibly get Hudak elected (or help McGuinty, if he responds forcefully). They will definitely hurt the NDP.

Anonymous said...

I was at that protest and shot some video as well. These OC(R)AP morons are so predictable with their stupidity . They are planning a similar rally this coming monday at city hall.