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Friday, September 9, 2011

Tony Blair's Islamofascist sister-in-law issues war cry for jihad against Israel

At the London al Quds rally, dressed like an extra from a community theatre production of the musical, Camelot, Iranian media spokesperson Lauren Booth, half-sister of Tony Blair's wife Cheri Booth, tells idiotic, implausible stories to try to demonize Israel and calls for jihad to wipe out the only liberal democracy in the middle east.

She tells one fable where she alleges a boy called her from a ditch in Gaza for help because his home was just demolished. OK, so if you're lying in a ditch and need help .. you don't call someone around the corner, or the local hospital or police, you call Tony Blair's whack-job sister-in-law over 2000 miles away. Because she's going to cast a spell out of her witch's cauldron to help, huh? Whatever you say, Lauren.

Betraying her violent, Islamist fanaticism, in likelihood exacerbated all the more because as a convert, she probably feels she needs to prove herself, she shrieks "No justice, no peace" over and over and then launches into advocacy of war against Israel and all its citizens.

Here are some choice quotes from that hateful bigot:

"I'll tell you now, wallahi, the Israelis will never have a moment's good sleep in their beds, may they never have a second to taste the sweetness of tranquility..."

re: terrorist group Hamas: "We back your resistance!"

"It is time, brothers and sisters for al Quds (Jerusalem) to be liberated for Islam.."

"And we say here today to you, Israel...to us your nation does not exist because it is a criminal injustice against humanity."

Booth then called on Eqypt, Jordan and Lebanon to wage war on Israel.

The video is here:


Ann said...

No doubt she would have felt right at home at a Nazi rally.

Anonymous said...

Booth is on Ahmadinejad's payroll.What do you expect of such a foolish woman? For her it sounds like this: whose money i take whose song i sing!

But nevertheless she is a traitor to her country!

Richard K said...

Now that PRESS TV has lost its license, it must be disappointing for her.

And what do you mean she's a traitor? To me she seems like a very loyal citizen of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

rom said...

@richard K.:

Firstly, Booth still is a british citizen but her loyalty lies with the islamic republic of Iran.
Secondly, she takes money from one of the most hostile countries towards Britain, i.e. Iran.
Thirdly, she works for Iran's propaganda TV (presstv) which slanders Britain, and her friends and allies, day in and day out.
Fourthly, she works for the triumph of islam in Britain which in my opinion is also an act of treachery.

And the list goes on and on....

Richard K said...

Well, the good news is that she seems too stupid to be seriously dangerous.