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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Islamist website Canadian Charger reports North American Muslim Foundation Director has never heard of Iran, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia

"Mr. Levant cites comments by Imam Abdullah Hakim Quick – an honoured guest in a recent series of lectures at NAMF – as an example of extremist views being propagated by NAMF.
Mr. Khan agrees that Imam Quick said that Islam's position on homosexuality is that they should be put to death, but Mr. Khan said Imam Quick's remarks were taken out of context. He said he was responding to a question as to what would be the punishment in an Islamic state, and Mr. Khan added that there are no Islamic states in the world today. "

The excerpt above is from Islamist, 9-11 conspiracist website, The Canadian Charger, founded by former Canadian Islamic Congress President Mohamed Elmasry, that was contained in an article meant to slam author and Sun TV host, Ezra Levant.

In the Canadian Charger report titled, Ezra Levant smears Islam and Muslims, North American Muslim Foundation Director Farooq Khan was attempting to deny Levant's accusation that his organization spreads hate. If The Canadian Charger's account is accurate, then it not only confirmed Levant's contention, but made Khan look like a disingenuous ignoramus in the process.

One of the good things about telling the truth is that you don't have to keep track of your lies.

Anyone who reads a newspaper knows that there indeed are Islamic states in the world today. They even have "Islamic" in their countries' official names, such as The Islamic Republic of Iran and Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is bizarre that the director of the NAMF would claim such countries don't exist. But then, anyone with experience with a certain type of arrogance knows that when some people are caught in a difficult situation, they will say anything that pops in their head, no matter how incredible.

But there is something even more insidious about the dishonesty of Farooq Khan and the enablers and apologists at The Canadian Charger, who want to defend hate by trying to label those who expose it as "Islamophobes." The fact is that the state-killing of Gays in Islamic countries is not hypothetical. It is tragically real and ongoing.

Islamic republics and countries where Islamic laws are in place, such as Yemen, Sudan and Saudi Arabia still maintain the death penalty against people whose only crime is their sexual orientation. Iran has executed at least 4000 people for homosexuality since the Khomeini Revolution in 1979.

By lying about and denying the genuine homophobia in Islamic states, The North American Muslim Society and The Canadian Charger not only mangle what little credibility they may have, but perpetuate prejudice against Gays in Muslim communities and Islamic countries by failing to address its reality.

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Anonymous said...

It is not just Muslims who oppose homosexuality, the same is true of other prominant religions and the reason is that God create man and woman to mate.

There is no dishonesty in what Farooq Khan said because anyone who is well read knows that the term "Islamic state of" is merely a title until it is supported with the reality of an islamic state., furthermore, this is a matter upon which muslims differ.

This article communicates a strong sense of ignorance, contention and anti-islamic sentiment, which most of the world is realising to be counter-productive and unjust.


Richard K said...

I see, so those countries operating under Sharia Law AREN'T Islamic states? OK, so what WOULD be an Islamic state?

The melding of religion and politics in Islamic countries and the ideological fanaticism of Islamic preachers who would kill those who they oppose is one of the world's biggest scourges right now.

Sure, people in other religions still are mired in old prejudices and discriminate against homosexuals. But it only seems to be mainstream Islamic preschers who are calling for their death. That should register something for those who portray Islam as being like any other religion.

Muslims are some of the finest people I know, most are decent, honest and moral people. But Islam has not yet gone through the type of reformation that other religions went through 400 years ago. Until that happens, it will cause a conflict with western values when the two meet.

Anonymous said...

According to some of my muslim friends, an islamic state is one which applies religious law and the leader is well versed in religion and is appointed by agreement or some kind of democratic process. The countries who claim to be islamic states do not meet these basic criteria. Ask around and you'll probably get an answer the likes of...
Saudi Arabia is simply a kingdom, self-claimed and controlled by a strong family. Iran is well known for a predominantly shi'ite ideology, which the majority of muslims consider to be heracy. And Pakistan is a mess, full of corruption and with neither stability of its population nor accountability.

I hope that you will agree with me that extremists exist in all walks of life. I find statements from the muslim YOUNGSTERS quite ridiculous. But the reality is that they talk about religion, even though they are high-school drop-outs and they dont know what their own religion preeches. Take suicide bombing as an example, we've all heard that the Quran explicitly condemns suicide, so why do they justify the opposite?? simple.... ignorance! but a very dangerous ignorance if I may say.

With regards to the preachers, I think that they are simply standing by their religion which is praiseworthy. In both Christendom and Islam the divine punishment for homosexuality is death. I have not yet heard anyone say that homosexuals should be killed in the west or in another system, but they do say that in an islamic state where devine law prevails then they should (theoretically) be put to death.

I dont agree that islamic preachers are vicious people "who would kill those who they oppose" I always seem to find them quite polite and open to discussion. If we can't build trusting relationships and work out our differences constructively then we are no better then the extremists out there that spread their hatred through violence.

Kind regards,