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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gary McHale could have avoided all the trouble by renaming his group "Occupy Caledonia"

Apparently, if you stick "Occupy" in front of your name, the police let you do whatever you like.

McHale and his law-abiding group, get another form of treatment:

CAYUGA Law and order activist Gary McHale is planning another protest at the scene of a six-year-old native occupation in Caledonia after trespassing charges were dropped against the so-called Caledonia Eight for entering the property last year...

McHale, leader of Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality (CANACE), argues that the Ontario Provincial Police have practised “two-tier justice” in Caledonia during the land claims dispute by treating natives more leniently than non-natives.

Douglas Creek Estates, a former housing development, was occupied by a group from Six Nations in Feb. 2006 because they say it was being built on unsurrendered land. McHale and some of his supporters entered the site Dec. 3, 2011, but said they were not trespassing on the Ontario government-owned property because they were on a road allowance owned by Haldimand County.

“It’s completely legal,” McHale told the Dunnville Chronicle about walking on the road allowance.
“They have the opportunity to prove to the public that they honour the Charter of Rights and Freedoms for all people, but I believe the OPP will find a different tactic this time … they’ll find some trick once again to target us even though we’re doing a peaceful march down a road.”

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