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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Phyllis Chesler: The Marxist Mission to Destroy Ayaan Hirsi Ali

The feminism I once championed — and still do — was first taken over by Marxists and subsequently “Stalinized.” It was then conquered again by Islamists and “Palestinianized.” I and a handful of others maintained honorable minority positions on a host of issues. In time, women no longer mattered as much to many feminists — at least, not as much as Edward Said’s Arab men of color did. The Arab men were more fashionable victims who had not only been formerly “colonized” but who, to this day, are still being “occupied” by allegedly “apartheid”–intentioned Jews.

While most of my generation of feminists have long ago retired, died, fallen ill, or have continued to rest visibly on their own earliest laurels, I continue to champion universalist values and to resist the death-grip of multicultural relativism.

But my cohort have influenced the media. Thus, I am not at all surprised to see that Deborah Scroggins has just written a book titled Wanted Women: Faith, Lies, and the War on Terror: The Lives of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Aafiya Siddiqui. Truly, she has got to be kidding. Alas, I am afraid that she is serious.

The rest of Chesler's review is at PJ Media

Here is the link to the New York Times review of Scroggins' mindless screed.  Even the reviewer, who seems to buy in to Scroggin's vapid central premise that anyone opposed to radical Islam is a bigot, realizes that the biographer sounds somewhat demented for demonstrating sympathies to an aspirant mass-murderer while reviling a peaceful intellectual. But language is always a good indicator of thought and the Times' reviewer Dwight Garner betrays his thinking by using the term "genital cutting." What he really means is Islamic-influenced genital mutilation, but uses the politically correct terminology because "mutilation" suggests a value judgement that discriminates against those Muslims who think their daughters' clitorises should be chopped off so that they are less likely to be promiscuous.

Sort of like those people who, for the same reason, are afraid to call Honor Killings "barbaric cultural practices."

h/t Dodo Can Spell

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