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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Toronto Robocalls 'outrage rally' a big fail, no matter what the media tells you

At the height of the gathering at Dundas Square
Not exactly a massive outpouring of support
A rally of the usual suspects in the anti-Harper left failed to mass much of a turnout in Toronto this afternoon.

Piggybacking on Toronto's St.Patrick's Day Parade, they were still unable to accumulate more than 1000 people, despite the organizers' inflated claims of three thousand being in attendance.

Some "average Canadians" outraged
about the Robocalls
What was striking about the rally was not who was there, but who wasn't. Other than a handful of curiosity seekers and media, there was no indication of interest from any normal, mainstream Canadians in the manufactured outrage that opponents of the current government are trying to inflame.

The crowd was made up exclusively of members of the International Socialists, some unkempt burned-out pseudo-hippies who were ejected from the Occupy Toronto encampment a few months ago, union activists who have a pro-Islamist bent, like Ali Mallah, and some pro-Iranian Islamists like notorious hatemonger Zafar Bangash who employ radical leftists as their useful idiots in their efforts to harm the pro-Israel government of Stephen Harper.

Ali Mallah chats up some Harper-hatin' 'sisters'
Rally co-organizer Bangash mounted a pick up truck sporting an AL QUDS vanity plate owned by the recently defunded terror-apologists at Palestine House to deliver a heated speech. He denounced Harper and threatened that Canada's Prime Minister would "end up in a cage" like Egypt's recently deposed Hosni Mubarak. Another of the organizers suggested that Harper is a fascist,  failing to understand that if we actually were living under fascist rule, rallies of the type he was speaking at wouldn't be allowed to occur.

The rally itself was less impressive than the anti-Harper rallies that were initiated by the far left and NDP activists prior to the last general election when the Governor General prorogued Parliament at the Prime Minister's request. The public also saw through the AstroTurf political movement behind that hyperbole. At the time, the Conservatives had a minority government, and if the outrage expressed by the Liberals and NDP wasn't fake, they had only to pass a non-confidence motion to force another election as soon as Parliament resumed. They failed to do that, and when they finally mustered the initiative to bring down the Harper government with a motion finding it in contempt of Parliament, the resulting election gave the Conservatives a solid majority.

The media to protester ratio was extremely high
The "robocalls" issue is a serious one and deserves police investigation for the possibility of election fraud. But LeadNow.ca is behind the manufactured outrage that is preposterously suggesting that the government itself was responsible for misleading automated phone calls they claim invalidates the last election. One only has to look at who is involved with LeadNow to get an accurate idea of what the "outrage" is really about.

Lead Now's advisers read like a who's who of the Looney Left, with Judy Rebick, NDP advisor Ian Capstick, Canadian Auto Workers economic advisor Jim Stafford,  and a host of other fellow travellers who are lending their hand to a political manipulation machine.

Not quite the 3000 people the organizers claimed
Not by a long shot
Combined with characters like pro-Iran shills Bangash and Mallah, the fake movement to stir up anger at the government over the robocalls will end up as just another tiresome exercise in bias confirmation for a handful of radical leftist fanatics and their cheerleaders in the media. For the rest of Canada, it's just another yawn.

UPDATE: a picture of the massive anti-Harper Robocalls rally at Parliament Hill in Ottawa today at THIS LINK. There aren't enough people to get the group discount seating rate for a Blue Jays game.
Another 'typical Canadian' expressing her disdain for the government...
or practicing her hula-hooping skills
(Photo by BCF)

Blazing Cat Fur has a report and pictures

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