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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Brian Topp's top NDP endorser Libby Davies says, "Free the Sea Hitler!"

Libby Davies, a 9-11 conspiracy theorist who is the most vociferously anti-Israel MP in Canada's parliament, wants Prime Minister Stephen Harper to tell Israel to release the impounded Canadian Gaza boat (aka The Sea Hitler).

She is joined by another of the New Democrats' lesser lights, rookie MP Alexandre Boulerice, who had first endorsed the Sea Hitler, but after a word from Thomas Mulcair and the late Jack Layton, cowered away from his earlier position and retracted his endorsement. Now that he, like Davies, has endorsed Brian Topp for the NDP leadership, they apparently have hopes to shift their party to more extremist policies should their candidate emerge the winner in the March 24 leadership contest.

The Sea Hitler boat that attempted to break Israel's arms embargo of Hamas-controlled Gaza.was an attention-seeking, politically-motivated stunt  promoted by Canadian groups with close ties to Iranian government interests. Prior to its sailing, the Canadian government explicitly warned the Sea Hitler not to embark on its journey, calling it "a dangerous provocation." The Sea Hitler extremists ignored their government's warning, and their vessel was impounded by the Israeli Navy last November and its occupants deported back to Canada.  Gaza's ruling party, Hamas, is an Iranian proxy that is listed as a terrorist organization by the Canadian and US governments, along with those of the European Union, and is committed to the destruction of Israel  and the killing of Jews in its founding Charter.

Davies proudly messaging from a Sea Hitler support rally in Paris attended by notorious anti-Semites


Anonymous said...

You are Feckless, rabid and hateful.

Richard K said...

Who me? Hateful? Not at all..More like disdainful, if you wanted to be accurate, not that anyone who admires Libby Davies is likely to be concerned with that.

Definitely not rabid..I've had my shots.

As for feckless? You saying I lack feck? There's nothing innaccurate or irresponsible in this piece, but I can understand why you're so upset at having your side exposed.