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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Toronto City Council Wimps out on Pride Funding

An expected battle between those who wanted unconditional funding for Toronto's Gay Pride Festival and those who wanted civic contributions withheld until it was clear that the hate group Queers Against Israeli Apartheid would not be allowed to participate resulted in an inconclusive compromise.

Councillor Colle proposed a motion that affirmed Pride's value as a cultural event while condemning the use of the term "Israeli Apartheid." The motion did not address funding at all and unless the city's revised anti-discrimination policy, which will be unveiled next week, expressly prohibits it, the fanatical anti-Israel group will be able to participate with tax funds subsidizing their vapid, discriminatory message.

Colle's motion passed 27-7 following snide questioning from radical leftists councilors Gord Perks and the original owner of the hate group's website, Krystin Wong-Tam.

As tax funds may yet give a platform to the hate group, Pride Toronto will come under continued economic pressure, as boycott and protest campaigns are anticipated against sponsors of Pride who support an event that  promotes hatred of the Jewish state.

More here from Sue Ann Levy in the Toronto Sun

UPDATE: The councilors who supported use of the term "Israeli Apartheid" in Toronto's Pride parade by voting against the motion were:

Gord "aptly named" Perks, Sarah "even more aptly named" Doucette Krystin Wong-Tam (the owner of the hate group Queers Against Israeli Apartheid's website), Mike (I'm not very smart but I have a job because my last name is) Layton, Janet Davis, Michael Thompson and Maria Augimeri. Remember these names next municipal election and what a waste of your tax dollars these individuals are.


Anonymous said...

In Quebec they parade naked: http://quebec.huffingtonpost.ca/2012/06/07/manufestation-grand-prix_n_1579729.html

Anonymous said...

While you may be right that Kristen voted that way she never owned the Queers Against Israeli Apartheid website not that there would be anything wrong with that.

It has been proven Toronto Scum reporter Levy lied about this and other issues.

If you don't take this lie off you will be sued!