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Monday, July 1, 2013

London's "No Place for Hate" rally at mosque where pro-sex slavery Imam preaches death for apostates

The London Muslim Centre, which includes the adjoining East London Mosque, is currently holding what it calls a "No Place for Hate" rally featuring English politicians and what they refer to as other "Community and faith leaders" and "anti-racist campaigners."

The rally is ostensibly to oppose "those who seek to sow divisions in our (Islamist) community" in the wake of the murder of Lee Rigby by British Jihadists. The announcement also invites attendees to "join our commitment to oppose racism and bigotry and declare Tower Hamlets is No Place for Hate."

Although as the British blog Harry's Place observes, it's only a particular type of hate about which they are concerned, which evidently would be the quite rational hatred of those advancing the cause of murderous, Islamist Jihad.

As Harry's Place notes:
Last week at the East London Mosque, you could have heard the Friday sermon being delivered by a hate preacher who has been banned from Sheffield Hallam university: Assim al-Hakeem.
Among the pronouncements of al-Hakkem are the validity of killing apostates from Islam as well as for Christians and Jews who speak ill of Mohammed. Naturally, he also is homophobic and is pro-sex slavery for women.

No place for hate indeed...

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