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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Occupy Toronto loons promoting murder, racism, domestic terrorism and anti-Semitism

Occupy Toronto, the movement that the left wing-media fell in love with back in the fall of 2011, was supposed to change the world.

The "99%" were going to revolutionize everyone's outlook on capitalism and income inequity and bring about  a mass movement to create the socialist paradise that had failed so many times before.

Less than a year later, they are all but forgotten and its few remnants are the dregs who are truly revealing about what really motivates the Occupy Movement.

GenuineWitty has details on the violence, domestic terrorism, racism, and anti-Semitism that Occupy Toronto is promoting. 

Keep in mind, this was a movement that was the brain-child of the anti-Semitic media guru Kalle Lasn of Adbusters.

Now they are promoting insane conspiracy theories, with `Billy`(above in video) threatening to behead Masons and advocating forming an ``Indian (i.e. aboriginal)  Taliban.``

Well-known radical activist Judy Rebick apparently was scheduled to participate in Occupy Toronto`s fundraiser today. Rebick`s website rabble.ca is funded by the same unions and NDP-affiliated organizations that sponsored various Canadian Occupy camps. It will be interesting if she turns up to lend her support to the depraved hate-mongering that is the real face of Occupy Toronto.


The Hammer said...

The first video was taken down by YouTube. But it has been re-posted: http://www.genuinewitty.com/2013/07/14/violent-racist-antisemetic-hate-broadcast-live-from-ryerson-university-on-saturday/#more-23043

Richard K said...

Thanks! Just updated the post with GenuineWitty's video.