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Monday, July 1, 2013

Making their hate for Canada explicit: NDP and Public Service Union-supported rabble.ca's "Why I don't celebrate Canada Day and never have"

Judy Rebick is the founder of, and a regular columnist for the neo-Marxist website rabble.ca, which exists primarily from funds bestowed by public service unions and NDP-affiliated organizations like The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Its current publisher is Kim Elliott, the spouse of federal NDP Deputy Leader Libby Davies.

It's no secret the people on the radical left hate Canada and the enlightened western values that our country represents.

But rarely do they make it so explicit as Rebick did in her Canada Day column for rabble: Why I don't celebrate Canada Day and never have

It seems Rebick is determined to add "self-hating Canadian" (although she immigrated from the US, which she also despises) to a litany of reasons for her to be able to loathe herself.

And if that weren't enough, here's more anti-Canadian tripe rabble saved for Canada Day. Canadian Federation of Students' Nina Loreto's rabble piece in which she offers the following blather (and she does not mean these questions rhetorically):
Why give "Canada" the honour of being a symbol for anything and everything that is good?

Why buy into the national myth that upholds how great life is for many of us, while at the same time ignoring or erasing the strife, struggle or challenges that also come with living in "Canada?


The Hammer said...


Anonymous said...

Judy Rebick,If your feet are not nailed to the floor, start walking to the nearest border and leave. By the way take Mulcair and Trudeau with you.

The Hammer said...

How many union members reading this know they are funding Judy's propaganda machine?

Richard K said...

Not too many, I`d guess. Someone would have to look at rabble's sponsor section to know that and rabble is not a high-traffic website.

And with the gutting of Bill C-377 by the unelected patronage appointees of the Senate, it's going to continue to be hard for union members to learn their dues are being spent by the union bosses on their personal political fetishes.