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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Toronto: "Diversity is Our Strength" - Except among anti-Ford protesters

Here is a picture from the last Ford Fest is Scarborough:

If you look at other pictures from Rob Ford's annual barbecue, you'll see a reflection of the vast diversity of Toronto.

Here's a picture from yesterday's anti-Ford protest rally at Nathan Phillips Square.

The small gathering, in the heart of the downtown core at lunch time, was a speck compared to huge numbers of Ford supporters who trekked to the far reaches of the city to stand by their man.

But look at something else. The anti-Ford mini-horde is made up exclusively of white people; the pompous white liberal ruling class elites that are so offended by how Rob Ford is an "embarrassment" to them.

These are people whose narcissism and self-focus is astounding.

Referring to inane assertions by Michael Taube that: "Ford’s antics have also turned Toronto, the fourth-largest city in North America, into a laughingstock, which could put the city’s economic viability at risk if this gong show continues for much longer," Mark Steyn shreds his vapidity with:
Toronto’s very “economic viability” could be at risk! Seriously? But apparently Mr Taube means it: The town hasn’t been this unviable since the War of 1812, when the Yanks sailed in and burned it to the ground. L’état économique, c’est moi. The self-importance of the political class captured in that sentence is not only a far bigger threat to “economic viability” but, in fact, the reason Ford was elected in the first place.

The rest of Mr Taube’s litany of complaints is so-called “gaffes” by Ford about various identity groups. Most of them are somewhat bluntly formulated but true-ish enough, and said by ordinary unmonitored citizens with nary a thought: Ladies, lessen your chances of Aids by sleeping with fewer bi-guys, etc. The notion that they’re so “over the top” as to disqualify someone from office is deeply damaging to the very idea of representative government. It requires that the political class speak only within the ever tightening bounds of an effete antiseptic “public discourse” ever more removed from the people they govern, and ever more exclusionary of ever larger numbers of them. It turns the rulers into a class apart. 
A class apart indeed. The people who have always hated Rob Ford are gleeful at the chance to parade their sanctimony. But the voters of the city, the diverse people to whom that class apart pays lip service but doesn't understand, are the people who put Ford in office.

Those peons whom the ruling class claim to care about so much may again ignore the directives of their superiors and return Rob Ford to office in 2014. Now wouldn't that send a message?


Melvin Muskrat said...

Ford for twenty fordteen.

Richard K said...

I've been hearing from a lot of people who are saying that all this ganging up on Ford is making them feel sympathetic to him and even more likely to vote for him next election.

Even with people who have expressed disappointment in Ford, when asked, 'so do you trust Karen Stintz or Denzil Minnan-Wong or Olivia Chow to do a better job?' admit that if faced with those types of choices, will vote for Ford again.

Anonymous said...

"Karen Stintz or Denzil Minnan-Wong or Olivia Chow"

Add to that list John (not so) Tory who as the provincial Conservative leader wanted to publicly fund all religious schools including Islamic Madrasses during his provincial election campaign without having consulted with anybody.

Minicapt said...

1. Perhaps the antics of these 'who are better than us' are the cause of the Mayor's 'problems'.
2. Do we know that the "Toronto Star" did not create and fund these operations against the Mayor?
3. Do we have concrete and validated proofs than no other members of Toronto City Council have ever behaved badly?


gama said...

This feral lynch mob is beyond parody it is vulgar pretense that defies mockery by it's sheer vindictiveness .
I find the CBC , Carol Macneil and her box-office particularly nasty in a cheap, contemptuous, malicious way.
Here's my new motto for the CBC " leader of the Pack " .... pack of__________!