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Friday, December 6, 2013

GOProud and Stephen Colbert Invited to Tea Party Conference

Something I want to make clear - I think The Tea Party is off the rails a lot of the time. Any group that thinks having a batshit crazy candidate like Christine O`Donnell in the Senate is a good idea should not be running any country.

But one of the really slanderous raps the left keeps trying to lay on The Tea Party is that they are bigots and racists, but the only actual evidence they can use to support that allegation is that they oppose Obama. The bullshit of the charge is self-explanatory.

However items like this are a good idea:
LGBTQ leaders, including GOProud, have been invited and confirmed to speak at this year’s Tea Party Conference. Sponsored in part by Tea Party Patriots, TheTeaParty.net, Tea Party Nation, Tea Party Community, and iLobby, this historical event will mark a turning point in Tea Party history, when the next generation will rise up to clarify that bigotry is not a Tea Party value.

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