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Friday, December 6, 2013

Terrorist Scumbag Omar Khadr's lawyers are playing Canadians for suckers

Khadr's lawyers and his cult-like acolytes think it's funny that anyone would dare to ask why a convicted terrorist and murder isn't a danger.

The best part is how these assholes assert that an al Qaida and Taliban fighter couldn't possibly be ideologically motivated.

Then the Khadrite low-lifes actually assaulted the slight woman who was there to report for Sun News


Progressive Canadian said...

How can anybody see poor Omar as any threat just because he was trained in and there is a video of him eagerly assembling improvised explosive devices to kill Canadian soldiers?

He is an innocent boy and a great Canadian! Anybody who says otherwise must be a fascist!

Anonymous said...

Umm, well, why not just deport ALL OF THEM back to what ever rock this khadr scum bag crawled out from and throw the lot of them into a rock crusher

Richard K said...

If by "all of them," you're referring to the entire Khadr clan, there is a lot of sentiment out there to support that. Except one of the brothers did renounce al Qaida and helped the CIA, so he should be exempt from such a hypothetical outcome.

And that outcome is hypothetical, as deportation of them will never happen. In the case of Omar Khadr, he was born in Canada, so deporting him is not really an option, as attractive as the idea is of dumping him in Afghanistan once his jail term is up.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, Khadr is a scumbag, and there is reason for him or his clan to even be here.