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Monday, November 8, 2010

The idiots at rabble.ca contemplate whether the radical left should start killing politicians and bombing banks

It was really just a question of time.

The imbeciles who frequent the discussion forums at Rabble.ca, the radical leftist website founded by Judy Rebick and published by NDP MP Libby Davies' spouse, are currently mulling over the prospect for violent revolution.

Their absolute failure to convince the bulk of the public of the merits of their socialist vision with its command structure which would place them at the top was inevitably going to lead to this sort of frustration.

The thread started with the proposition: Given the lefts failure to effect any positive change in the past few decades when exactly should the left advocate for violent revolution?

Some of the comments in the thread include:

"I think 9/11 was just a test run. The people failed with flying colours. And I think it's an example of what's in store for the future if fascists back themselves into another corner."

"Perhaps the reason the ballot box isn't working is because the ballot box isn't the way to the solution. Or it's not perceived to be the way. Which I agree with."

"There is such a huge wedge between the left and the right,that it looks like it's all going to inevitably come to a head. The shit will hit the fan in the next couple years if this trend continues and there may well be a class war in the near future.Whatever ends up taking place in Quebec in 2013 will influence what will happen in the ROC.This could be good news for progressives or the kiss of death.But clearly,there's no room for compromise...It's these conditions continue it will drive this country into a conflict that will ultimately culminate into revolution."

"When is the time for a revolution? Whether or not, or to what extent, it becomes "violent", depends on lots of factors - primarily, how far the rulers want to go in resisting the change."

"I was wondering when it would be ok to overthrow a government, violently if need be."

Here's one of my favorite in that it betrays the totalitarian tendencies of these Marxist halfwits: "How many more decades should we wait? It appears that Canadians arent catching on, so should we suffer in silence for 30 more years? maybe a generation or three? Dont the better people of our society have a responsibility to the stupid?" (my emphasis)

"Are we talking about fire bombing police stations,banks,Quebecor or 24 Sussex Drive? Would the targets be political figures? Are we talking about old fashioned assassinations? I'm all for a revolt but I'd like to know if this revolt would be a bloody coup,an organized mass vote against the status quo (unlikely unfortunately)"

"my answer to the initial question posed by ArghMonkey is yes, now is the time, why? because the crisis we are facing is entirely new, if we wait for the inevitable climatic catastrophes which are coming it will be too late to stop them, possibly ever, this is a paradigm shift in crises I would say, the mother of all &etc. ... but what kind of violence should this revolution undertake exactly? well, that's what I'm not sure about and I have been following this thread hoping that someone might shed some light"

There's lots more. It doesn't get any smarter, but it sure gets crazier. These people are the same radical leftists who think that by aligning themselves with radical Islamists who have no respect for women's or Gay rights, they are somehow making a statement against American imperialism.

These people have always been imbeciles, but now they are revealing that they are potentially dangerous imbeciles.



Adam said...

What's really surprising is that this sort of discourse is brought to you courtesy of the folks at CUPE and PSAC--ultimately, on your dime as a taxpayer (via union dues). And, as unionised public servants, some of these people handle DoD files, CSIS documents and the like.

Anonymous said...

Slow news day or something?

I've been following - and posting - on rabble for years so I know what I'm talking about when I say that all you've done here is cherry-pick one of the dumber discussion threads started by a recent and less-distinguished contributor and try to hang some absurd argument off of it. I think it's called 'projection'. Anyway, keep up the sleaze, God knows we all need the laughs.

Richard K said...

"One of the dumber discussion threads" at rabble.ca. Now, that's a competitive field there. I've yet to see something resembling an intelligent discussion thread there.

But glad you're getting some laughs! Stop by any time for more. It's only fair - I get plenty from rabble.ca, which really should be picked up by The Comedy Network as a parody of contemporary Marxists.

But what isn't funny (and in a sense still is) is that the usual suspects there have become so frustrated that their idea of society has been so overwhelmingly rejected that they think violence may actually instigate a movement towards their way of thought.

Of course it doesn't seem to occur to rabble's readers and correspondents that the reason their ideas have been rejected in a democratic society is because they are bad ideas.

It's that level of introspection and insight that makes rabble a constant source of amusement.

Anonymous said...

With the recent events in Tuscon, the Rabblites have been calling for limits on inflammatory speech. Okay, then--here's who people can complain to about this dangerous far-left propaganda mill:

(Babble.ca's ISP)

(905) 697-6000
RCMP (Toronto Detatchment)

Anonymous said...

Your tax dollars at work.
They don't like to admit it, but Rabble is funded by Alternatives, and alternatives gets tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

Call your MP and tell them you want any public funding for the Centre For Policy Alternatives pulled.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's remarkable. All six of your readers plus the author of your blog appear to be off their meds!

Richard K said...

Brilliant comment anon at 11:41. With that type of wit and insight, I imagine you were Equity Studies class valedictorian at OISE

Anonymous said...

The Rabbleoids want a boycott of Sun Media, now:


I suggest we surprise them with a complaint to the RCMP.