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Monday, July 30, 2012

Khomeinists plan hate rally at Toronto`s Queen`s Park

Last year, one of the low points in civic engagement in Ontario was an anti-Semitic hate rally at Queen’s Park held by local Shia Muslim organizations to commemorate what they refer to as “al Quds Day.” This is an event in the Shia calendar initiated by the brutal Iranian despot Ayatollah Khomeini to try to garner support for the destruction of the Jewish state and the so-called liberation of the Holy Land of Israel from the Jews, to be replaced by an Islamic state.

Politicians of al stripes were shocked and embarrassed that an event was held at the seat of Ontario’s government that was anti-Semitic and featured hate mongers like Zafar Bangash, a notorious supporter of the vicious Iranian dictatorship which persecutes and murders dissidents and minorities.  Last year, Bangash called for a Jihad against Jerusalem whereby Islamic law would be imposed upon Israel.

In a startling new development, another ‘al Quds Day’ rally at Queen’s Park on August 18 was just announced by a group calling itself the al Quds Committee.

The Sergeant-at-Arms of the Ontario Legislature must approve all demonstrations held at Queens Park. As of 9 am  today (July 31), the Sergeant-of Arms office confirms that an application for the al Quds Day demonstration has been submitted but not yet approved.

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