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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Promotion of violence from the airheads at OISE

No one familiar with the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education gets surprised any longer by the idiotic fanaticism that goes on there.

They have programs that tacitly defend forced female genital mutilation, that are anti-Semitic, overtly anti-Western and largely anti-democratic. Sadly this institution produces people who go on to be senior school administrators and policy advisers to various provincial Ministries of Education.

Their latest gem is this gathering of morons on July 12 called:

Palestine to Philippines: It’s Right to Rebel

Internationalist Solidarity and Resistance Against Occupation and Counter-Insurgency
In other words OISE-approved terrorism and violence. Charming, huh? Your tax dollars help support travesties like this.

And for added insult to the University of Toronto, the fees it  forcibly extracts from students for "activities" and are funneled into the radical communist Ontario Public Interest Research Group is helping to pay for it.

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