Saturday, June 22, 2013

Your tax dollars paying for CBC anti-Israel bias

The CBC's Neil MacDonald doesn't like Israel.

He has every right to his opinion.

But the tax-funded Canadian Broadcast Corporation employs the least talented of the MacDonald brothers as a journalist, not as a pundit to pontificate about his inane biases against the middle east's only liberal democracy.

However that is what he has done time and time again.

As in the past, MacDonald has troubled himself to inject his detestation for Israel in a report that has absolutely nothing to do with the Jewish state titled: How to tell a slap on the ass from rape.

Perhaps, like other gauche CBC "journalists" more interested in reporting their opinions than the news, he is jockeying for a new job at al Jazeera.

But what MacDonald is currently doing has no business being paid for out of Canadian taxes.

You can contact CBC Editor-in-Chief Jennifer McGuire at Jennifer.McGuire@CBC.CA  and let her know how you feel about your public funds paying for MacDonald's personal smear campaign.

Honest Reporting Canada has the details:
In an analysis piece published on the CBC’s website on June 6,Macdonald included the following irrelevant smear against Israel and Canadian support for the Jewish state (emphasis added): “In Canada, do Stephen Harper and his most partisan supporters actually think, down deep, that Israel may actually bear some of the blame for its troubles with the Palestinians?”  
Apart from being gratuitous, this question disguised personal opinion as news by phrasing declarative statements into questions.  
There is no evidence to substantiate claims that Canada’s Prime Minister and his “most partisan supporters” deep down assign blame to Israel for the impasses and quarrels with the Palestinians, but MacDonald has no problem raising this question that serves to malign Israel, Canadian support for the Jewish state, and which exonerates Palestinian transgressions and elevates the Palestinian cause. 
But wait, aren’t CBC journalists tasked to be politically neutral and to embargo their personal views in their professional work? Macdonald’s apparent preoccupation with Israel seems to be the exception to the rule allowing him to use CBC resources to attack Israel, time and again.

More at Honest Reporting Canada 

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