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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Moral Imbecile Linda McQuaig running for NDP nomination in Toronto Centre

Linda McQuaig on TVO (via YouTube)
Linda McQuaig is something worse than just a moral relativist. She's a moral imbecile. Yesterday the sometime Toronto Star columnist declared her intent to bring her vacuity and hyperbolic peevishness to Canada's House of Commons on behalf of the New Democratic Party.

The riding's Parliamentary seat was recently left vacant by the retirement of former Liberal Party leader Bob Rae.

McQuaig is an ideologue who has campaigned against outlooks outside her narrow reasoning being taught at the University of Toronto. As the author of The Trouble with Billionaires, McQuaig presents a caricature of billionaires, suggesting that she knows very few, if any of them and even less about how they operate. One can envision vapid Occupy Wall Street-type rhetoric given a voice on Parliament Hill in the unlikely event McQuaig should be elected.

Her understanding of economics is predicated on her only looking for data that substantiates her polemical ideology. She bases her arguments on economics on the post-World War 2 growth period and attributing the economic success of those times to high tax rates while effectively discounting  the myriad of other factors that played a greater role.

But in that she only demonstrates a tremendous lack of insight. It is her lack of human decency that is far more troubling.

In 2010, nine Turkish activists attempting to break Israel's blockade of the Gaza strip were killed when they, along with a mob, attacked Israeli troops attempting to board the Mavi Marmara. 

That ship was the largest of seven boats in a small flotilla attempting to break a sea blockade of Gaza that was intercepted by Israel. The blockade is in place to prevent arms smuggling to Gaza, which is controlled by the terror group Hamas. Gaza is the world's largest per-capita recipient of aid and has one of the highest obesity rates on Earth.

There were no casualties on any of the other ships and the Mavi Marmara was the only one in which activists attacked the Israelis. The activists were part of a Turkish group called IHH that has known links to terror organizations. It's members who attacked the Israeli soldiers were self-declared jihadis who had expressed their desire for martyrdom.

At the time of that event, McQuaig equated those killings to that of Leon Klinghoffer by Palestinian terrorists. Klinghoffer was a helpless, innocent wheelchair-bound civilian travelling on a pleasure craft,  Achile Lauro, that was hijacked. He was murdered in cold blood by terrorists for no other reason than for being a Jew.

"There is a compelling need for a serious, UN-mandated investigation of these killings, which are as horrific as the killing on the Achille Lauro," wrote McQuaig.

Only a reprehensible moral imbecile could possibly equate his callous murder to the chaotic attempts at self-defense by a handful of Israeli commandos who were attacked and overwhelmed by dozens of knife and pipe wielding jihadist thugs.

Linda McQuaig is that reprehensible moral imbecile who wants to make her loathsome perspectives the voice of the Toronto Centre riding and the New Democratic Party of Canada.

Given some of the other voices in the NDP,  it would be shameful, but no great shock if she were successful.


vardit said...

I had my run ins with her more than once regarding her twisted articles

Matt said...

She's insane. I read she supports a marginal tax rate of 70% for top earners

mrzee said...

She certainly seems qualified to win the NDP nomination.

cmnsense said...

That the federal party, Mulcair, would remotely consider her as a qualified candidate, is a statement on how far the NDP has come from their more noble roots. If Mulcair views McQuaig's perspectives as worthy of representing Canadians values, he'll only prove that the days of the the Tommy Douglas NDP have been replaced by one that's closer to Stalin.

Jim Dandy said...

She is even worse than a moral imbecile.

Blair said...

1941 Ogalvie Rd - Ms. McQuaig is a good listener and is beleives in people and their capabilities. She has ethics and morals. I think she'd make a very good representative for everyday working people in Toronto Centre.

Richard K said...

I'd have more confidence in the moral compass of a turnip than of Linda McQuaig's.

Good listener? Does that means she nods her head while not registering anything?

She is an polemical ignoramus. Her ravings about the Munk Centre suggest she's never stepped foot in the place or taken a look at who is teaching there, let alone listened to any of them.

And why would you put an address on a blog comment here, Blair? Did you mistake this for a petition or a nomination form? That's the kind of attention to detail I'd expect from someone who supports Linda McQuaig.

Fred G said...

I emailed her two years ago after she had written a series of anti-Israeli polemics and challenged her to say something positive about Israel. Her response: "I call it like I see it". My response was that she has a closed mind and only sees the reflection of her own biases.

Domestic Terrorism ... Canada's Dirty Little Secret said...

I think you were too kind to this potential political parasite. Besides having the IQ of a spoon ( I am giving her credit for having one that high) she has about as much concept of reality as I do about astro-physics, but at least I can the big words that her and her occu-cult goons cant.