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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Toronto's al Quds Day demonstration makes the case for immigration reform

A large, dark, toxic slug snaked its way along a few blocks of Toronto's University Avenue yesterday afternoon. It had six hundred or so moving parts, each one steaming with hateful bile. It was the annual Al Quds Day march from Queens Park to the American consulate.

Toronto al Quds support for terrorism
Brandishing the flag of the genocidal terror group Hezbollah, while bellowing  "Down with U.S.A." and "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free" the display seemed better suited to the streets of Tehran than the quiet, dignified edifices of Toronto's hospital district. Indeed it was from Tehran where the insidious virus came. Al Quds Day is a creation of the deceased pedophile, Ayatollah Khomeini who intended it to rally Muslims around the world to the cause of the destruction of Israel. The throng of demonstrators in Toronto were, with the exception of a tiny handful of their useful idiot acolytes, all devout followers of that murderous, depraved Iranian dictator. 

The "sisters" had to be kept a respectable distance
from the "brothers"
The march, plunging through the midday August heat, was divided into two sections. Led by the head-to-toe covered women's, or "sisters" section, they were followed by the dingy, Autumn-colored sweater-wearing "brothers" with enough of a spacing so that modesty would be protected from their hyperactive sexual turgidity, 

The attendees and the signs they bore were identical to Toronto's al Quds Day demonstrations of the last three years, though this year's numbers were fewer, in part due to Ontario's Sergeant-at-Arms cancelling the Khomeinists' permit to assemble on the lawn of the legislature.  So instead they chose to gather in the treed park behind Ontario's Parliament. 

Useful idiot Ken Stone compares Kathleen Wynne
to Hitler
Though slightly muted from previous years' fiercer invective, there were still speakers who tried to incite the murder of Jews, including one who proclaimed "we will give them two minutes and then we'll start shooting!" One of the useful idiots, a paranoid shill for Iran named Ken Stone, compared Ontario's Premier Kathleen Wynne to Adolf Hitler because of the cancellation of the Queen's Park permit over security concerns. In the mind of the bizarre Munchausen Jew Mr. Stone, saying the exact same words in a public space approximately 60 yards away from where they had originally intended is evidently the imposition of some sort of fascist regime. 

Ironically, the same Mr. Stone is a proponent of the most brutal, fascist regime on earth, the one in Iran which routinely rapes, murders, and tortures prisoners, and persecutes religious minorities.

Some of the speakers dissembled about wanting a one state solution with equal rights for all. The part they often leave out was the part that rally organizer Zafar Bangash has previously proclaimed, that such "equal rights" would be under Islamic Sharia law. As proponents of the Iranian dictatorship, the equality these people have in mind is the equal right for women to be raped by their prison guards as a matter of policy, the equal right of women to be publicly beaten for wearing "immodest clothing, " the equal right of women to be stoned for committing adultery, the equal right to be beheaded for blaspheming against Islam's founder Mohammed, and the equal right, shared by Baha'i in Iran, to be viciously persecuted for their religious beliefs that conflict with traditional Islamic practice.

The al Quds demonstrators are not typical of Canadian Muslims. It is from such people at the al Quds Day demo, and the regimes they represent, that most Muslims in Canada came to escape. 

But due to a failing in our immigration system that clearly needs to be rectified, we have allowed these murderous fanatics to live among us. Here, in the safety of Canada, they try to find a way to incubate and spread their vile hatred of our society, which they have come to simultaneously denounce, undermine and exploit.
The spectre of Khomeini hangs
over the Toronto al Quds demo
via Sanwin

These Khomeinists are the people who have brought the despicable ideologies which teach bigotry in their schools. The product of such horrific indoctrination was in full display yesterday as a young boy was trotted out to speak. Nursed on the malice and prejudice that are articles of faith for Islamists, he displayed the result that comes from being reared by hatemongers.  

He passionately recited biases with which he has been conditioned from birth. 

"Death to Sun News!"
It is critical that people see this. The fatuous, politically-correct mainstream media, feeling that exposing the truth would inflame prejudice, become complicit with hatemongers by selectively ignoring their invective and trying to portray them in a favorable light. That is why the Khomeinists demonstrate such hate for Canada's Sun News. Because alone among major media, they reveal the Islamist fascists for who they are.

Muslim academics like Salim Mansur have tried to sound the alarm bells of what happens when we are not more careful about scrutinizing immigrants. Toronto's al Quds Day demonstration is living proof that he is right. Instead of giving people who seek freedom a refuge, Canada's irresponsible lack of diligence in its immigration policies has permitted the hate Muslim refugees sought to escape to follow them and take root in the heart of our land. 

(see an addendum HERE)

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Anonymous said...

Please allow me to say I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article. Every word was truth. I deem it as one of your best


There is a reason why even the most liberal will be the most hardened ideologue. Silent majority doesn't mind supremacy of Islam and regaining of the paradise lost of the Caliphate where Islam reigned supreme.

Professor Karsh's book is very significant, it rejects the customary hypothesis that Western Colonialism created the grave plague of Islamic fanaticism stretching from Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia. The author writes that the principal origin of Islamic radicalism is not merely a reaction to the Western prying in their nations affairs but rather a profound and ingrained craving in the predetermined Islamic belief to expand Islamic authority throughout the world.

Karsh says that "Arabs and Muslims unabashedly dream for the restoration of Spain" under Muslim control even though Spain has been lost to the Islamic world for centuries since the Fall of Granada in 1492. Osama bin Laden himself lamentably referred to "the tragedy of Andalusia" after the September 11, 2001 attacks as if to suggest that Muslims were still the legitimate and equitable owners of Spain rather than measly invading occupiers. Same is the feeling of Lashker-e- Tyaaba and TTP vis a vis Hindustan in Pakistan. The desire of unfurling the Mughal flag on hte Red Fort never dies.

The wish to repair Islam's past medieval regal glories and convert the world permeate the approach of a substantial portion/segment of the Muslims. Muhammad himself shaped the contemporary political Islam when he said "to strive for a new universal order in which the whole of humanity would embrace Islam or live under its domination." Muhammad's dream was realised after his death with the growth of Islamic power from Arabia into North Africa, Turkey, Spain and Central Asia under ensuing Caliphs of Umayyads, the Abbasids and the Ottomans. http://iqballatif.newsvine.com/_news/2012/12/04/15679917-caliphate-lost-caliphate-regained-the-rage-of-impotence