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Monday, December 2, 2013

Mental patients, Communist cretins, Palestinian terror-enablers and other assorted morons gather to shout at Stephen Harper

Blogwrath was outside the Jewish National Fund's gala to honor Stephen Harper yesterday, covering the usual suspect imbeciles who routinely protest such events.

Even the mainstream media, which detests Harper, ignored this protest by a few dozen cretins. Most likely because if they covered it, they realize they'd probably create sympathy for the Harper government by displaying the sort of self-discrediting low-lifes who are so violently opposed to it.


Anonymous said...

CBC gave a lot of time to the protesters.

Richard K said...

Haven't seen that on their website. I'd imagine the CBC angle would be presenting those dregs and psychiatric outpatients as "typical Canadians"

Anonymous said...

I like the big 19.95$ sticker on that u-haul pickup loll , the lady on top of it should get one too from rent-an-anarchist store haha