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Sunday, December 1, 2013

The tree that was killed so you could read a Toronto Star editorial was smarter than the person who wrote it

By producing oxygen, the trees killed to produce print copies of The Toronto Star contribute far more to society than the nitwits who currently write editorials for that egregiously biased newspaper.

Apparently the trees are also more intelligent.

In The Huffington Post, Mitch Wolfe rips apart al Starzeera's latest display of idiocy in which they try to compare the Wynne/McGuinty Liberal government's cancellation of much-needed Gas Plants for political purposes to Ford's cancellation of the unwanted LRT in order to get a much-needed subway extension in Scarborough.

The most ironic part of the al Starzeera editorial is the way in which the tax-and-spend socialists who head up that rag have miraculously transformed into fiscal conservatives when the issue is a small property tax increase to fund essential infrastructure.

There is one sentence in Mitch's column in The HufPo I do do find puzzling, however.

He concluded with: "Ironically, the more the Star goes after Ford, the more its reputation for fairness and objectivity is undermined. "

At what point in this decade did al Starzeera have a "reputation for fairness and objectivity"?


Skippy Stalin said...

Funny how you never mention that Hudak promised to cancel the plants either. Or seriously try to refute the massive amount of money that Ford set on fire killing Metrolinx.

Richard K said...

You've lost the plot again, Skippy.

There's a difference between running a province-wide election campaign and including the platform of cancelling the plants, giving the province's voters the choice to incur the commensurate costs, and what the McWynnety government did, which is incur massive costs, then backflip to buy an election.

And the same with Ford. If you were paying attention during the last election, you might have noticed that cancelling metrolinx and "subways, subways, subways" was one of his major platforms. So people voting for him either knew or should have known the costs that came with it. So now you're complaining, "he was voted into office and did what he promised to do, but it costs money and I didn't realize it would cost money"???

Actually, I know YOU knew it would cost money to cancel the LRT's, but anyone who voted for him and is complaining about it only has their own ignorance to blame. But it's not really that big swath of people who voted for him who are complaining, is it?

Skippy Stalin said...

So you're essentially saying that economic irresponsibility is to be lauded if the voters ratify it?

Furthermore, you're not exactly correct on Ford's position. According to him, nothing ever really costs money, at least not so much that it can't be covered by cutting Council in half, shutting down some gardening at City Hall, and selling air rights for condos. Hell, the province and Harper an pay for the rest, leaving Hizzoner free to monger his shitheaded talking points.