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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

If I had a pet this stupid, I'd euthanize it

Brigette "Stop Harper" DePape gives an interview to Jerry Agar. Wow!

This is the same bubbleheaded heroine of the radical left who pronounced "Canada needs an Arab Spring!"


David said...

No! Just ignore her. The Japanese have some zombie girl who lives at the bottom of the well; we have this. I keep having that dream where I'm driving down the road and I suddenly see her standing there with her stop Harper sign. Then my cell rings and a voice says, "You will meet Mulcair in 7 days." Just ignore her!

Patrick Ross said...

It's like listening to a nine year-old recite a book report for a book they haven't actually read.

The Hammer said...

I said when it happened that her sign should have said "Stop Democracy." Or better yet "Stop liking what I don't like."